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Motorola Gallery 520019 apk, update on 2016-05-02
View and share your photos and videos in an immersive, full-screen experience. Easily personalize your photos with frames, filters and more in just a few taps.

Create a Highlight Reel - a collection of your photos and videos set to music, and easily share it with friends and family. Highlight Reels are available on Moto X Pure Edition, Moto X Style, Moto X Play, Moto X (1st and 2nd gen.), DROID Turbo, DROID Turbo 2, Moto Maxx/Turbo and Moto X Pro.

Face Recognition: Tag people appearing in photos and videos, and organize them automatically. Create a single highlight reel from different events based on the people appearing in them. Available on Moto X Pure edition, Moto X Style and Moto X Play.

Motorola Gallery APK reviews

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Cheri Vallellanes review Cheri Vallellanes
What happened?
I was taking normal pics with the camera phone and sat down to go through them. When I opened my gallery it was wiped clean. Everything. Every pic I've taken in June is gone. Not even in my cloud
Robert Stroupe review Robert Stroupe
Good app, as long as it isn't changed again. If I knew how to program, I think I know what's good and what's not. Programmers aren't very bright. The phone's are good, EXCEPT, every Motorola "smart" phone I've ever had, has ONE problem, it don't know which way is UP. Screen rotate must be disabled. It's an easy concept, TOP of phone is UP, ALWAYS! You can hold it Vert or Horz but top is UP. Why can't that be fixed? You can find the phone anywhere with GPS but can't program it to know which way is UP! WHY?
Juhi Fazila review Juhi Fazila
I love the edit studio so much i use it like everyday for editing its a blessing. But there are a few things i would like you to add to make it even better! 1) Collaging; I always make collages with photos but i gave to use other apps to do so. It would be very convenient if yo could add it to Edit Studio! 2) Blur Effects; I like to Blur my pictures with other apps but they take up so much storage! 3) Drawing Tool; I like to draw on my pics but I can never find good apps that do! If possible plz add these!
Karthik Loganathan review Karthik Loganathan
After the Marshmallow update to my Moto X Play the Gallery started to show duplicate folders. Say if I happen to move a couple of photographs to a folder named as "Moto X Play" which was already existing in my SD card another new folder with the same name "Moto X Play" is found in the gallery. Found this one to be a bit weird.
Myriad Plurality review Myriad Plurality
What happened? It was amazing until our Lollipop turned into a Marshmallow. Vignette, Graduated and Saturation no longer work on the photo editor! We used those functions to make art... Please, we're begging you, fix it! It was so perfect...
saikat chakraborty review saikat chakraborty
I would strongly suggest you to skip this app of you are running marshmallow. Practically nothing work. Freezes randomly. I had to hard reset my device then came to know about this typical problem is due to Marshmallow update. Right now forced to use google photos.
Marcos Tejeda review Marcos Tejeda
When you use external SD card as internal memory, the app creates multiple copies from same picture! Even creates folder copies! As result you may lost pictures by cleaning or merging folder copies. I've uninstaled the app and I've to hard reset my phone three times until I found the cause of the issue.
Gets slow while scrolling videos on my phone. It seems like a bug .needs performance improvements and optimisations in android marshmellow 6.0. Please give an update shorty, its getting worst..pls update or give us an option 2 uninstall this app
Ginger Everhs review Ginger Everhs
I'll give Motorola that the UI is pretty, but functionality-wise, it's reminiscent of my last Motorola experience with a phone that is now four years old. I don't know how at the tail end of 2016 any gallery app doesn't have the ability to hide folders or even sort the photos alphabetically. I would like to be able to hide albums that clutter up the view, such as album art, and organize it by something beside date, so I can properly navigate pictures.
prasanth thrisvaresan review prasanth thrisvaresan
I have purchased a Moto x style 3 days ago. Now it's upgrade marshmallow. but it is gallery not proper working. It's very slow for image displaying and not displaying videos icons . Kindly please fix this issue immediately. Hope your quick and better response.
C B review C B
What the hell happened in the last update? The folder titled, Camera Roll, is the ONLY one that completely wiped out - RANDOMLY! Great - recent fun memories lost, forever. Lesson learned: NEVER trust pre-installed apps :-(
Vivek N review Vivek N
G2 Marshmallow issue.
Please put camera settings option because some selfie stick needs manual setting to make it compatible with the the selfie sticks are not compatible..please see to this issue. Cheers?
Anthony Simons review Anthony Simons
When trying to use the graduated filter (under the exposure editor) on an image, it doesn't do anything. Sliders show no change in brightness,saturation or contrast. Same for the vignette feature.
Prity Nag review Prity Nag
Doesn't allow me to set my profile pic on watsapp at one go, if i try cancelling it , the same page with image keeps on coming back with cancel nd ok evrttym i click on cancel....
Dhaval Sumesara review Dhaval Sumesara
Too many pro with style
Even i can't open the image. Even Many times I'm unable to open gallary. If opens then take too much time to open the albums. If i can see the albums then i can't open that album. If i open the album i can't find any viewable image too many pro moto pls fix it