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Moto File Manager
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Moto File Manager apk, update on 1970-01-01
Manage your files efficiently and easily with Motorola File Manager!
Motorola File Manager helps you handle all your files whether they are stored in your device's main storage or microSD card.
-File category - Browse files easily by category right from Motorola File Manager’s home screen: picture, music, videos, archive, documents and recent files. It’s quick and easy to access files in each category.
-File operations - allows you to copy, move, rename, delete, compress and decompress ZIP files, create encrypted ZIP files and share files.
-Storage info - Easily see the location of each category file and the SD card usage.
-One key transfer - One click to transfer all picture, music and video files from the phone’s internal storage to the external SD card. Transferred files are stored in the FileBrowser folder in the external SD card.
-Global search - Search in all folders and files of the device.
-Remote Management - Conveniently browse files on the device from your computer with remote management.

Moto File Manager APK reviews

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Gautam Sachdeva review Gautam Sachdeva
No folder view is there for photos, all pics are visible in the same window. In my moto g2 i got gallery with folder view that looks nice and easily manageable but on my moto g5 i got file manager but all pics are shown up in single window. Dont like much that view. Its more sensible to show photos under different folders say camera pics, facebook, whatsapp etc.
Can't move files. Once you select them and then navigate to another folder, there is no paste function. Nothing happens. No help file either. Very poorly designed. I have a Moto G4 so it should work.
Devang Patel review Devang Patel
In older version , i could open some file, which extension didn't support directly, by getting four option such as document, video, audio and picture. This is my favorite function which i miss totally in latest update. please bring it back.
yash vikram singh review yash vikram singh
Motorola, please provide us an improved file manager. This manager is just an OK-type. I firstly was a user of redmi note 3 then I exchanged my device with Lenovo K8 plus, the default file manager in my redmi note 3 was slightly better than yours. I think that only a few improvements in this file manager will make it much user friendly and increase your fans. The MI file "Explorer" contained ; *the feature of "grid view" in the Recent column. Thus,improving it's so-called user-view. *It contained some selected folders like that of "WhatsApp"/"Facebook"on it's home screen and also gave custom option to add shortcuts of some selected folder/files on it's home screen . *And the last one which nearly every user of Moto file manager wants is the file hide/ lock feature. In MI reaching to that file was by scrolling down and then it required the pattern you applied to open the files. Please Motorola, if you can provide such type of features WE USERS will be grateful... And to all of them who are viewing this review, make this review appear on top so that company can see that through liking it or through providing their own reviews regarding these improving aspects for this file manager... #THANKYOUforREADING
Lekh Raj review Lekh Raj
For Motorola phones it a blessing. Apart from all negative reviews here I just wanna say this app is ad free which way more better than any file manager app in Play store. More than 70% File managers contains ads. Happy to use ad free app.
Aakanksha Sisodiya review Aakanksha Sisodiya
Gallery does not have folder options. If i want to find any particular image then have go through all the 3-4k images. It is difficult to manage all the stuff.
Patitapabana Moharana review Patitapabana Moharana
Best file manager in my Moto G5s+ phone. The app having quite unique features with high user-friendly operating options and reliable fast reading files. It works perfectly except usb drive eject/remove option not found. Please fix it in next version.
A Google user review A Google user
Full of bugs recent update. Hangs! Moto file manager is same as like Moto's cheap earphone provided all the time. So don't think it will be great with these cheap product & services by dying Motorola with shifting parents from one to another all the time (Moto to Google, Google to Lenovo and so on)!!!
Ankur Chopra review Ankur Chopra
Hi, as per the latest update on addition of usb use through otg is great but safely eject option is not there .can you please look into that issue.
Anurag Binani review Anurag Binani
For some reason, the external storage is not being detected. And when I check for this in my Settings-> Storage, I can see the external storage device being detected and identified.
TK KT review TK KT
Give us the app back! This update ruined the app.
Dijo Jose review Dijo Jose
The new update has issues while sending data through share it, xender, wifi transfer etc.. Pls provide a solution for the same.
Sumit Kumar Mishra review Sumit Kumar Mishra
Why is this app so slow? When the hell will it be improved, ever since the last update it's so slow that I try to avoid using it...
Badland 073 review Badland 073
Its take time to open the aap in latests version.i hope u may solve the problem soon.
A Google user review A Google user
The new updated File Manager on 31th January 2018 is to lagging and Faced problems on Videos.