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Modular Soundboard
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Modular Soundboard 1.3 apk, update on 2017-01-11
Modular Soundboard is a simple application, with a simple design interface.

A do it yourself (DIY) program!

-You can add any sound that is natively supported in android.

-You can add templates from the "Add List" screen.

-You can delete/remove sounds from your created list.

-You can play, pause, and stop sounds that were previously added. You can also use them with the built in timer that will play the sound when it has completed.

-Built in file explorer, makes it easy to find sound files. (Internal Storage only, working on implementing External Storage/SD cards)

-Settings menu, allows for dark mode and creating an application local copy of sounds while adding to the list.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!
Any ideas or suggestions are also welcome!

Known issues:

-When switching between the timer screen and the add screen, view can occasionally become unfocused. Either restart application or pull "Modular Soundboard" downwards.

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Jared Horack review Jared Horack
Very great
Awesome app.
Unknown Knightstalker review Unknown Knightstalker
Finesse app
I like the app
Clon3king review Clon3king
Gr8 app m8
I really enjoy this app, check me out on youtube
Joe Kearin review Joe Kearin
This app is ??????