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About this product

Modern Commando Strike: Army Anti-Terrorism is a Commando style FPS game of 2021

Modern Commando Strike description

Modern Commando Strike: Army Anti-Terrorism is a new free FPS fun game of 2021.
Modern Commando Strike: Army Anti-Terrorism is a dark world of modern commando military based fps build to show the fight of army against terrorist in modern commando army anti-terrorist mission. You will encounter world of terrorist as modern commando to fight against them. Modern commando strike is a offline fps game made for hardcore fps modern commando strike games fan.

Get ready to fight against the powerful enemies in this modern commando fps game, where you take the roll of modern commando which goes behind enemy’s lines to strike terrorist. You take the role of only remaining modern commando. You not only have to survive in dark world of commando but also take down all dangerous plans of enemy. Modern Commando challenges the player fps games skills in year of 2021. Modern Commando put player as young soldier in battlefield against terrible terrorist that terrorizing the world with there plan of destruction. Modern Commando is help player learn about the harsh realities of battlefield. To over come the challenge of terrorisms over young commando have to put everything on stakes for the army.

Modern Commando strike is game for the player who want to test there skill destroyed. Complete mission as a modern commando to earn cash, faster player complete missions more cash they will earn. In modern commando strike cash is used to buy their modern commando new guns. These new gun will help player modern commando to strike on terrorist. One of biggest feature of modern commando strike is all mission are open, player can strategies how to tackle the mission.

Your commando is against the enemies in Modern Commando Strike who want to strike terror in the hearts of innocent. Your military duty calls you as modern commando to fight against as many terrorist as much possible. To fight this enemy your commando need to learn the art modern commando warfare.

Modern Commando Strike contain easy control for amazing game experience. Multiple levels for engaging game-play. This contains different environment for interactive user experiment. Modern commando strike recently added a survival mode. Modern Commando last man standing survival mode not only test the courage but player but also test the stamina of player to see if he can stay focus in harsh world Army anti terrorism.

You will excited to know modern commando strike does not contain any type of in app purchases. You have to strike your way to earn anything in this game.

There is a goal for your commando in this commando strike. Each mission contain varies objective to be completed before you finish your mission with strategy like modern army strategies in military warfare. Modern Commando Strike contain objectives according to standards of modern fps games.

Modern Commando strike follow all the norms of a modern army game. Now a days best free games are divided into top games with challenging missions and gun games that have all the advance weapons. Modern Commando Strike: Army Anti-Terrorism consist next generation modern weapons for our modern commando to use. Use all weapon to complete these impossible missions and become the best commando to survive the tragic battlefields from war.

Buy More weapons: Complete mission earn reward to get cash and with enough cash player can buy enough collection of weapons. Alternative way to earn cash is to survive for long time in last man standing survival mode.

How to play
Modern Commando controls are like all other mobile fps games that are available in 2021. Rotate player with taping and dragging on center of screen. Fire the ballet with right hands finger by taping shoot icon button. commando controls are easy special for those who are familiar with mobile fps games
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