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Mobile Soccer League
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Mobile Soccer League 1.0.26 apk, update on 2020-06-02
Realistic 3D and 2D Mobile Soccer Game
Joystick and automatic controls

- World Cup
- Europa Cup
- Copa America

- Major League
- Spanish League
- England League
- Italy League
- French League
- Turkish League
- Brazilian League

Have fun...

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Bruce Williams review Bruce Williams
Game is really fun. I like that they have all the leagues and cups. Haven't gone through a full season so not sure how the champions league will work, but it's nice that it's there. Would love to have cloud backup to be able to play on multiple devices.
Operator Guy review Operator Guy
I think it could have been better if put on a little bit more effort, we totally played it for hours and found many bugs, overall if in a new update it overcomes those bugs I'll recommend it to my Bros.
Jurezar Halid review Jurezar Halid
Nice Game ..but this is more idea....
It's nice game and cool game....but can u pls add champions league,coach for country......,Europe Cup...and also make the trophy presentation when we win it......also make World Cup,Euro Cup.I sure if you put this thing.....People will more interesting at this game.....oh forgot..make substitute and energy pls.?hmmmm I think u should add beard and tattoo at Messi.....although it's not real tattoo..just make it 10%similar at his tattoo..also make online pls.....pls add this idea on your game
Thinley DOrji™ review Thinley DOrji™
After first half, it stops every time for a advetisement and 2nd half is missed. Then I am takenbto new match everytime.
We are not able to tackle the player
Hussam Tariq review Hussam Tariq
Funning game easy controls..but please add some more camera views pf GOAL
Good be better if add transfer to buy players. And add substitutions
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Kav Jac review Kav Jac
Better than dream league soccer 16
I hate dream soccer.Who ever call it stupid your a jerk.Best game?
Dica La Beneamata review Dica La Beneamata
Stuck on loading screen
I haven't play the career mode and champions league,stuck on loading screen,no subtitute player,,no formation,,the touch controls in defense mode is too difficult
Thakuri Bshal review Thakuri Bshal
Please add national team and national tournament
Game is too good but ...if you added the national team and national tournment .it is too good if you added national team and tournament please add national team and tournament
Minh Truong Cao review Minh Truong Cao
Da Gunnerz review Da Gunnerz
Good game but...
Always crash during half time!!! Need to add subtitutions on the game & add player transfer too. Oh yeah... where is the lob button?!! Skill button too!!! Hopefully you guys will solved all this problem on your next update... i promise i will give you 5 ?
Daniel Foster review Daniel Foster
Great Game But Need A Little More Fixing
To Be Honest All This Game Really Need Is Team Management During Game Play And At The Start Of Matches, Transfer Deals, adjust penalty and corner..that's all and then this will be the best mobile game ever
tom rapley review tom rapley
Can't even sub any defenders or goalkeepers because the sub system is retarded and doesn't let you drag players across, and the gameplay is awful, truly so hard to use