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Phone cleaner, junk removal, speed booster. Clear cache and storage space.

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Mobile Expert: Memory Cleaner description

With Expert Cleaner, your Android device will run faster and smoother, store more data, free up memory by junk removal, and stay charged for longer. Phone Cleaner is a smart device manager & optimization tool that has thousands of people worldwide master their devices. Download Expert Cleaner and enjoy a lighter and speedier Android phone!

โ“ How the App Works

The intelligent cleaner manager uses the most modern algorithms for analyzing installed files, which makes it work as efficiently as possible. The program analyzes files from various folders on your phone, finds duplicate information, and offers you a clean phone. You have the right to choose which files you want to keep and which you can delete. Thanks to the high-quality app booster and cleaner, you can get more free space on your phone and make it work better and more productive.

๐Ÿ“Œ Main Features of Mobile Expert

๐Ÿงน Ram cleaner and analyzer. With this feature, you can see how much memory other applications are using. Phone booster can show data both in percentage and in megabytes, which is very convenient.
๐Ÿš€ Max Memory Booster. This phone booster and memory cleaner can automatically detect which apps are slowing down your device. And you can make your phone more productive with just a tap of your finger.
๐Ÿ”‹ Power saving mode. A handy memory booster and cleaner can also save your phone's battery. Stay connected with our android cleaner.
๐ŸŒก CPU temperature monitoring. Mobile Expert intelligently detects and closes battery-draining apps to reduce CPU usage hence lowering phone temperature which helps users a lot when watching videos or playing games.
๐Ÿ—‘ Removing unused applications. With our powerful analytics engine, users will not only get more storage space from the cleaning process of cache, residual files, download folders, clipboard content, and more. One-touch & cache with junk files will be cleaned!

Phone Cleaner = Speed Booster + Cache Cleaner + Junk Cleaner + CPU Cooler + Battery Saver + RAM Cleaner + Storage Cleaner + App Cleaner.

Phone Cleaner is a free and powerful cleaner(clean master) for your Android device. This memory cleaner is a speed booster, junk cleaner, optimizer, cache cleaner for android, designed to improve your overall mobile phone experience. If you like Mobile Expert, please rate us five stars!

โšก Clean junk files and unwanted apps
โšก Optimize and extend battery life
โšก Uninstall apps to improve device performance
โšก Boost up speed by force stopping RAM consuming apps

๐Ÿ‘ Install our performance booster and battery saver on your device and get the most advantages of it! More space for important data, more battery power, more productive CPU and cache. The phone cleaner will make your phone as efficient as possible!
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