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MintPress News is an independent online journalism startup

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MintPress News is an independent online journalism startup providing issue-based-original reporting, in-depth investigations and thoughtful analysis of the most pressing topics facing our nation through the lens of social justice and human rights.

We offer coverage of national politics and policy, civil liberties, the war on drugs, foreign affairs, energy, lifestyle, culture, technology and the environment.

A fresh approach in a headline-driven industry, our reporting is an innovative form of journalism that goes beyond answering “who, what, when, where and why” of certain topics by connecting them to the ideas of social justice and human rights.

We’re a team of editors, writers, reporters, national and international correspondents and contributors based across the nation and world. Our masthead includes veteran journalists, war correspondents, grassroots leaders, political analysts, world renowned authors and academics.

We believe that news media has a social obligation in keeping people informed on subjects that directly and indirectly influence people now and in the future, while rigorously discussing policies to drive us in a better direction as a true democracy.

The journey to start MintPress began in late 2011; we officially went live February 2013. Our administrative office is located in Minneapolis, MN, however, our journalists, correspondents and several of our editors and staff are based across the nation and world in California, New York, Washington DC, Illinois, Tennessee, Mississippi, and other states, and in several countries across Europe, Africa & the Middle East.
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