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Mini Warriors 2.6.0 apk, update on 2020-07-15
Dear Players of Mini Warriors,

We are glad to present you with the Early Access version of Mini Warriors II updated to the current Mini Warriors games. This upgrade is exclusive for the Mini Warriors players.

Enjoy tons of new content and features:

·     A completely new game: Mini Warriors 2, not a DLC
·       Completely new 3D battlefield, with 360 degrees panoramic view
·        Over 60 New heroes and fantastic new skills
·        An amazing continent newly-built 10 times larger to conquer
·       Rule your floating island and build the castle of your own
·        Vertical and horizontal views can be switched at any time
·        Single hand operation in vertical mode available
·        Huge amounts of AFK bonus granted, just keep it easy and enjoy
·        And hundreds of new features waiting for you to explore

With recruiting powerful heroes and leading invincible armies.

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Atlas is calling for you! Joining in our legion alliance to fight against Nigel, God of Darkness, and crush his conspiracy!
In the 2D cartoon multiplayer game, you as a lord can create own valiant legion and recruit great heroes, who have been lauded by poets for hundreds years. Those heroes lead troops including cavaliers, magicians, archers and warriors to fight for Balthazar, God of Brightness.

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Amazing battlefield with more than one thousand troops in it:
• Exciting real-time combat, winning the battle after wiping out enemies in the battleground. • Flexible formations available are critical for you to reverse the course of combat.
• Intense and magnificent battles involve a few of legions with great heroes doing almost everything they can to win.
• Delicate and vivid cartoon images with gorgeous and exciting hero skills

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Abundant and interesting game contents:
• Recruit 200 different heroes
• Collect more than 100 powerful items and equipments
• Cultivate 8 kinds of troops with strong sense of reality
• Beat enemies from 400 stages
• Accomplish more than 300 achievements in the game
• Play the game with other lords across the world

List Mini Warriors APK files with old version

+ Mini Warriors version 2.6.0 (Updated: 2020-07-15 00:00:00, size: 95,726,355)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.5.19 (Updated: 2020-05-12 00:00:00, size: 95,104,790)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.5.18 (Updated: 2020-04-24 00:00:00, size: 94,826,401)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.5.18 (Updated: 2020-04-17 00:00:00, size: 94,829,933)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.5.17 (Updated: 2020-03-27 00:00:00, size: 93,514,882)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.5.16 (Updated: 2020-03-20 00:00:00, size: 93,487,557)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.5.15 (Updated: 2020-03-18 00:00:00, size: 93,588,086)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.5.1 (Updated: 2020-01-19 00:00:00, size: 92,503,576)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.5.0 (Updated: 2020-01-17 00:00:00, size: 92,447,955)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.4.9 (Updated: 2020-01-15 00:00:00, size: 92,359,732)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.4.7 (Updated: 2020-01-09 00:00:00, size: 92,203,251)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.4.6 (Updated: 2019-12-20 00:00:00, size: 92,185,136)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.4.5 (Updated: 2017-12-20 21:07:46, size: 52,865,620)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.4.3 (Updated: 2017-07-06 22:05:05, size: 52,611,249)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.4.0 (Updated: 2017-04-19 09:03:44, size: 52,524,626)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.3.6 (Updated: 2017-03-07 14:06:58, size: 52,281,905)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.3.0 (Updated: 2016-12-23 02:51:49, size: 52,086,013)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.2.3 (Updated: 2016-10-14 23:39:07, size: 51,964,826)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.2.1 (Updated: 2016-08-11 00:32:05, size: 52,538,928)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.1.3 (Updated: 2016-06-07 05:31:29, size: 52,030,144)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.1.2 (Updated: 2016-05-11 05:30:05, size: 52,019,343)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.1.1 (Updated: 2016-04-07 05:21:41, size: 51,909,582)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.0.1 (Updated: 2016-03-17 03:22:02, size: 51,287,494)
+ Mini Warriors version 2.0.0 (Updated: 2016-03-01 08:24:38, size: 51,094,075)
+ Mini Warriors version 1.9.1 (Updated: 2016-01-10 20:53:14, size: 48,125,155)
+ Mini Warriors version 1.8.5 (Updated: 2016-01-10 20:53:06, size: 47,454,762)
+ Mini Warriors version 1.8.2 (Updated: 2016-01-10 20:52:58, size: 47,746,105)
+ Mini Warriors version 1.8.1 (Updated: 2016-01-10 20:52:52, size: 47,743,153)

Mini Warriors APK reviews

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Quan Le review Quan Le
I hope this game last long, it's really standout. I suggest it will update the battle field with obstacles like rocks or river, and even has boats! And even 2vs2 to help new players.
Ashy Larry review Ashy Larry
Great game, but are you guys still working on it and active? I don't want to invest time in a game that's been abandoned, for lack of a better word. If not this one, at least be working on a part two. It's the only game like it, and it's pretty great.
Patrick Weber review Patrick Weber
Game will not load after the latest update, my Wi-Fi is good so I know it is not that. Can't use data due to my cellphone plan. Takes up too much space and will not load.
Nate Alwood review Nate Alwood
Don't waste your time with this game. I used 20 of the "goblets" to get 4 star heros and got a 3 star heros each time even tho I have 95% of the three star heros. The game is a scam.
Vataleon HutGamez review Vataleon HutGamez
The only reason I'm leaving a bad review is because I messed up in game and I wanna restart but there is no feature to do so. You can't clear data. You can't make a new account and get a new world you can't do anything and I feel like that's Bs. Yes I know it's my fault for messing up but it's not even like you have servers that I can go make a new account on
Flaviano Rosario review Flaviano Rosario
This game is really great to pass time. I wish they would add an auto configuration for the troops and weapons. Other than this small request, thus game is truly a gem. The developers work really hard to provide a great gaming experience and their easter egg prizes are also great for game progression. You will not find another game where the devs care about the players and know how to keep them playing. Thanks alot!!!!
Adam Amies review Adam Amies
I love the game but I do have one issue, whenever I try to create an account it says my email address is invalid and doesn't accept it. This has caused me to have to restart multiple times due to getting a new device. I know my email is correct and active because I use it on a regular basis. Please fix this issue because I really love this game and would love to be able to keep one account
Justin Cooper review Justin Cooper
WARNING! DO NOT SPEND MONEY! No matter how far you get or how much money you spend,when you change phones, you have to start ALL over! Creating an account means nothing! SCAM!
Eddie Ward review Eddie Ward
The battles are so much fun but in the academy I just wish we could get orcs, and miltia archers. But I like that we play with friends but I just wished we could play in a battle along side our friends. But I don't really like how much storage it takes up so that's my biggest problem with the game. Really other than that it's a great game. You play this game and you will love it. Trust me. Or it will just not be the game for.
A Google user review A Google user
I love this game I've been playing it off and on for 2 years, but unfortunately when I got my new phone and the game automatically downloaded on my new phone I lost my club membership and lots of Crystal's. I'm super disappointed in the developers now, especially after I sent them an email and go no response. Do not download this game if you are planning on getting a new phone at any point in the future. You will regret it and you will find it hard to start out from the beginning with nothing.
seb chora review seb chora
Playing for past 3 years ... Never spend single penny....bulid strong army which can own stronger armies ( even up to 70k stronger) .Pure strategy, lots of updates & new hero's... Hint for new players: always lvl up your minions.
Commander Trauma review Commander Trauma
This was a really fun game and while the microtransactions are overpriced, you can still get gems easily. However, I can't join my friend's Legion. He plays on an iPad and I play on a Tablet. Can you fix this? I understand if you can't.
Sukki review Sukki
Very pay to win/progress... However you can earn the items just as fast as you can type in your Mother's credit card info if you know what you're doing, I'm rating it 5 stars because it's fun with my friends, good job :3
Knot Game's review Knot Game's
I have never left a game this quickly. The concept is amazing, but the way it was designed just makes it horrible. buttons are impossible to click, gameplay is horrible. Needs work. I do not recommend.
Cindee Tetro review Cindee Tetro
This is preetty much the best game ever I love it I'm just stuck on a hard stage so please give us 1000000 gems just idk my name any ways is the pickle and my leagond name is derpy heroes #Still the best game ever