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Clinical Guidance produced internally and published through the App

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MicroGuide description

MicroGuide provides medical organisations, hospitals, Health Boards and NHS Trusts with the ability to collaboratively create, edit, and publish their own local guidance and policies.
With guidance downloaded directly to your device, there is no need to worry about internet connectivity in your hospital or organisation. You will always have access to the content you need locally.

All content updates are automatic. Once a new version of a guide has been published it is automatically downloaded in the background to your device.

Medical calculators and algorithms can be included allowing you to easily view and inspect calculations in real-time. With instant full search capability across entire guide sets, on average guidance is accessed on the App every 8 seconds.

The updated MicroGuide app contains the following;
- Social login to allow users to carry over their guidelines and policies between devices
- An updated layout
- Improved search function
- Tools section to easily access drugs lists and calculators
- Faster downloads and less storage space used
- Multiple guideline and policy sets

If you have any comments about the app or would like to add your organisations information to MicroGuide please contact [email protected]
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