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The more you track and train with Metron, the more personalized it becomes.

Metron description

Our platform will continue to learn, evaluate and adjust your training targets as your performance changes. Our coaches are experts in a variety of disciplines such as CrossFit, Ironman, Marathon, Bodybuilding and more. Train Smart, cut down on time, and avoid the “plateau effect” by training at the right intensity to stimulate growth.

We believe that there is a fundamental disconnect between the art and science of personal training. Great coaches direct clients based on intuition and experience but rarely utilize quantifiable data. On the contrary, wearable technology is becoming mainstream yet they do not accommodate actionable insight and direction.

Metron bridges the gap between the art and science of personal training by leveraging a coach’s most underutilized asset, their experience, and applying it to a program built with variables that can adapt to individual users. The result is a disruptive hybrid approach to coaching that creates an intimate user experience akin to personal training, yet scalable and backed by scientific data, not just coach’s intuition.
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