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Metal Commando is a fantastic action game from Commodore Engineering.

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23 ratings

Metal Commando description

Metal Commando is a fantastic action game from Commodore Engineering, innovative shooter but in the classic retro style! Prepare your weapons and sharpen your knives, you will meet hundreds of enemies on your way. Metal Commando combines the adrenaline of platform-style games with the action of 2D shooters. Use the pad to move and tap to jump and shoot. Also use different guns and grenades!

You are an experienced mercenary tasked with saving the world from a mega terrorist army that is ravaging all continents. Many missions await you, solve them all in the shortest time possible and go home, a case of frozen soda and a mountain of money and diamonds are ready for you and your team.
Choose your mercenary, purchase an arsenal of powerful weapons and grenades, and get ready to blow everything up.
Let the war begin

How to play Metal Commando
- Easy joystick controls to control characters on screen
- Use quick game controls to shoot, jump, attack and more!
- Aim and shoot all enemies to get them out of the way before they attack you
- Kill enemies and earn coins
- Upgrade powerful weapons and unlock new characters for a deadly fight
- Collect daily rewards and bonuses and improve your fighting skills
- Complete daily missions and earn achievement rewards

Sounds too easy? Do not worry. Metal Commando, has challenging levels to keep you entertained. The game becomes more intense as you take on missions, with more powerful enemies and obstacles. Use strategy and warfare skills to take down all your enemies before they do! How long can you survive in the most action-packed guerrilla game?

Features of Metal Commando
- The best arcade warfare game for kids and all ages
- Easy game controls at your fingertips for easy shooting
- Intense and immersive FPS shooter action
- Compelling, seamless shooting experience
- Highly customized controls, so you can play FPS games the way you want
- Incredible level upgrades to make your action game fun!
- Intense graphic animations and sound effects for the best gaming experience
- An addicting arcade game available for all Android smartphones and tablets
- Completely 100% free!

Wipe out the end-of-level bosses, face off against your opponents in blast mode or check out our terrifying single player mode! Metal Commando is coming with a new version and many new additions to keep the action at a fast pace! With new maps, cool weapons and a new elite competition system. Metal Commando will blow your mind!

Download Metal Commando today. Show off your warfare skills in the most action-packed game ever!
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