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A magical fingertip prom full of cuteness, merging joy. will you join it?

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Merge Go description

In the world of "Merge Go", you can drag three same monsters to merge, help plants, buildings, resources upgrade and evolve, improve strength, and unlock more land.

The cute dog has recently moved to the island, wait! The nasty bees are harassing again! Save the dog first! Use your fingers to draw lines on the screen, design various shapes to protect the dog's head, as long as you persist for 10 seconds, you can win and get great rewards.

Merge Go game features:
== New challenge: Rescue the dog ==
● Gain the merge power by merging items, and meet the prerequisites for rescuing the dog
● Draw lines with your fingers, whether it is letters or various strange shapes, to cover your dog from being bitten
● Beware of other hazards! Such as cliffs and lava, don't put your dog in danger!
● Unleash your creativity with clever use of fixed points

== Merge and evolve ==
● The game is simple and easy. Drag the same items and merge them to upgrade
● Unlock a variety of resources, miracles, and monster illustrations on the land!
● Unlock more sealed lands with the power of monsters and purification crystals

== Use your strategy and join the battle ==
● Hundreds of unpredictable levels, each level challenges your brain
● Take the brave monsters to PK in other people's camps, plunder resources, and use the spoils to build your own homeland
● Join the union, fight side by side with friends, arrange troops skillfully to attack BOSS, and win rich rewards

== Enjoy leisure anytime ==
● Numerous monsters with different personalities, cute painting style, let you immerse yourself in the magical world
● Soothing soundtrack and magical sound effects, fit the game scene, and the tension and entertainment atmosphere are just right
● Put aside your troubles, you can merge and enjoy the fun of being cured anywhere.

Download now and explore the world of Merge Go!
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