MekaMon APK

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MekaMon 2.3.0 apk, update on 2019-10-26
Welcome to MekaMon—your multi-functional, connected, augmented reality robot.

Advance to the next level with MekaMon, a robotics platform that fuses real world play with augmented reality gaming, battling and much more—all controlled by your smartphone or tablet.


DROPZONE: Sandbox piloting - take control of your MekaMon and adjust height, gait, and stance, in a free-play exploratory piloting mode with no limits.

BATTLE: Local 1v1, Meka-vs-Meka, battle—a new hybrid of gameplay genres mixes real-time tactical mech warfare with the strategy and depth behind collectable card games. Easy to pick up, difficult to master. More content and deck customisation coming up!

SIMULATOR: Augmented Reality single-player survival mode—Hone your piloting skills against wave after wave of enemies in a king-of-the-hill training simulation.

ARCADE: Mini-game central! Play Arcade mini-game classics. Quick to start, fun to play, and always updated with new titles.

PROGRESSION: As your skill as a pilot increases, so does the synergy with your MekaMon. Unlock talents and abilities to bolster your MekaMon’s abilities, and gain access to new skills and load-outs.