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Medieval Craft 3 1.1.9 apk, update on 2017-03-14
During the long voyage into the sea on the horizon the island was seen. You approach the old town located on the coast in search of food and new resources.

World of Medieval Craft 3 opens new adventures, explore caves and mines in search of diamonds and earth ores, conquer new lands, build a house of different blocks, and beware of the inhabitants of these places!


- New game world and the coastal city.
- You can create a storage chests for game items.
- Added a sea crab. Be careful, he can attack with claws.
- The island is inhabited by the ghost of Herobrine that gives bonuses.

Medieval Craft 3 APK reviews

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Nicola C review Nicola C
Could u make better quality cuz btw it OK
me myself and i ok review me myself and i ok
Wat the heck
Herobrine is there he cuz I bearly started and when I look to ma left he was just standing there and walking around and I got really scared and I wuz like oh heck no he's there bye?!!
Brigid Coyne review Brigid Coyne
You gotta be kidding me
The game doesnt even work! Within a minute of my downloading it, it glitched me out and wouldnt work at all after that. The idea, great! The reality, crappy.
Leonidaz Ramos review Leonidaz Ramos
Why do you have herobrine
We only get one herobrine soul
Amoni Williams review Amoni Williams
Only two words to describe this game love it
Love it
Kaitlynn Hendrikz review Kaitlynn Hendrikz
It's OK I guess
Cassie Suggs review Cassie Suggs
Loved It
Takes so long to load. But it is worth it. This game is a lot of fun.
There're ads you so that you don't have to accept petty permissions:) cool. I placed the building platform and it crashed. The first loading screen has a grammar issue. Should be a 5 star game but not yet.
Serkan review Serkan
This game is extremely bad. Placing a workbench, removing it, and then placing it back crashes the game. Placing the workbench into the ground also crashes the game. Enemies do way too much damage. It's always the same map. The game lags when it shouldn't. Game crashes because an NPC tries to do something. The game is downright horrible!!!
Lizze Jones review Lizze Jones
To haters who say this game and all games sucks 1 go back to kindergarten 2 your mean 3 you all say game suck butts 4 be nice not mean 5 byeeeee
That's so cool I love it. Got my voteeeeeee love this game I whish you make A other game Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Margarita Cuellar review Margarita Cuellar
Love it
Rach T review Rach T
Crapest game eva I rated 5* cus I felt sorry
Kaley Ertley review Kaley Ertley