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Award winning mobile security & protection for Metro by T-Mobile customers

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McAfee® Security for Metro® description

This app is exclusively for Metro by T-Mobile customers.
McAfee® Security for Metro® protects and enhances your Android phone or tablet’s performance with award winning Anti-Theft, Device Finder,
App Privacy protection, Antivirus protection, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware, Virus Cleaner and Removal, Safe Browsing, Wifi Security, Performance
Optimization, Contacts Backup and many other mobile security app features.
Lost Your Device? Log in to https://metro.mcafeemobilesecurity.com/ with your registered email to track your lost device and access your backed-up info.
Questions? Contact us @ https://www.metrobyt-mobile.com/contact-us.html


▪ Device Lock Security and Thief Cam*: Locks your device and takes a snapshot of the person holding it. Can be triggered from
▪ Anti-Spyware: Stops thieves from phishing and gaining access to your personal information
▪ Remotely Wipe Data: Wipe selected private data or revert to factory settings with our anti-theft features
▪ Locate, Track, and Alarm: Find your lost or stolen device @ https://metro.mcafeemobilesecurity.com/. Locate it on the map,
sound a remote alarm, or get step by step help
▪ Anti-Theft Uninstall Protection: Keep a thief from uninstalling the McAfee® Security for Metro® app on your device
▪ Remotely manage your antivirus protection from the web portal @ https://metro.mcafeemobilesecurity.com/
Other features: Pair Your Android Wear; S.O.S., which saves your last device location before it runs out of battery

▪ Guest Mode: Control which apps your kids can see on your device**
▪ App Lock: Securely lock apps with sensitive content **
▪ App Privacy Check: Know which apps may put your personal data privacy at risk

▪ Widget: Stay up to date on your antivirus security status and fix issues with one tap**
▪ Battery Booster: Extended battery life
▪ Memory Booster: Free up memory (RAM) of background apps and speed up your device
▪ Storage Cleaner: Remove unwanted files and apps
▪ Track Data Usage: Set data limits and monitor usage

▪ Mobile antivirus security plus virus cleaner and removal: Scans and removes malicious code from files, apps and
internet downloads using state-of-the-art antivirus software
▪ Anti-malware tool provides real-time detection of malware
▪ Safe Web: Blocks access to risky websites
▪ Safe Wifi: Protects from ARP spoofing attacks and unsecured Wifi networks

Not all features available on all operating systems or devices
*Thief Cam not available on Android Q; See System requirements at mcafee.com/systemrequirements
**Android 5.1.1 and/or Android 6.0 users must grant accessibility for McAfee Mobile Security to enable Widget,
App Lock, App Profile
This app uses Accessibility services
This app uses the Device Administrator permission
Activation of Device Administrator privileges provides the following benefits:
▪ Thieves can’t easily uninstall this app if your device is lost or stolen
▪ You can remotely reset your device to its factory settings to keep your personal stuff personal
▪ Thief Cam can take a photo of anyone who tries to unlock your Android lock screen with the wrong password, PIN, or pattern
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