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Access the anonymous, secure and fast internet with just one tap

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Mayi VPN - Fast & Secure VPN description

Mayi VPN is a 100% free VPN, you can access the anonymous, safe and fast Internet with just one tap.

Why choose Mayi VPN?
1. Free forever-We provide a large number of free servers, and are free forever, unlimited traffic.

2. Unrestricted - Unlock restricted websites, you can freely access the Internet without any restrictions.

3. Anonymity - You can visit the website anonymously without leaving any records.

4. Security - Hide your real IP address, do not save any logs, and use encryption technology to transmit your traffic, allowing you to achieve truly anonymous access.

5. Simple - The app is very simple to use, no registration is required, just one-click connection.

6. Fast and stable - Our high-speed VPN servers are located in Australia, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, etc.
We will help you automatically select the fastest and most stable server.
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