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Solve Mathematics puzzle

Math Punter description

This game lets the user exercise their mathematical skills. It has 4 mathematical operations. "Addition", "Subtraction", "Multiplication" and "Division". There are 4 different levels that users can choose.
1. Easy -> Operations: "Addition,Subtraction", Numbers Range: 20, Duration/Time: 6sec
2. Medium -> Operations: "Addition, Subtraction,Multiplication", Numbers Range: 100, Duration/Time: 10sec
3. Hard -> Operations: "Addition, Subtraction,Multiplication,Division", Numbers Range: 200 and it gets incremented by 1after answering the question correctly, Duration/Time: 10sec
4. Easy -> This is most user friendly where user has an opportunity to choose everything like "operations", "Durations" and the "Numbers Range"

Each correct answer will give a point. Scores and attempts are saved for each level separately.
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