Match 3 - Winter Wonderland APK

Match 3 - Winter Wonderland
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Match 3 - Winter Wonderland 1.0.27 apk, update on 2017-11-14
"Winter Wonderland" is a fun and relaxing gem matching game full of stunning background images. Play through 60 levels with carefully crafted layouts and challenges.

Snow, ice and bitter-cold, perfect ingredients for a Winter Wonderland. Beautiful frozen scenes that'll make you want to put the heater a little higher. You won't be cold though, there is plenty of match 3 puzzle goodness to keep you warm. :)

Download our Match 3 game and start your journey!
Complete level after level of our addictive match three games! Slide to create three in a row of the same items to clear the board and earn points. Enjoy stunning pictures and graphics while you play. This is definitely not an ordinary free match 3 game for kids. This is a carefully handcrafted match three game with high-quality background music for the experienced matcher!

We create awesome challenges for our match 3 games that will keep you on your toes for hours as you think of the best strategy to win. There are 60 levels where you have to create matches while thinking about how to fulfill the targets of each level to move on to the next match 3 level. Match 4 or 5 items in a row to create bonus items that will help you through the level faster and earn more points. You can also unlock Boosts if you are stuck.


- Stunning handcrafted game graphics and backgrounds unlike other free match 3 games.
- The best game soundtrack with Dolby quality sound that will immerse you in our game deeply.
- Highly addictive matching three in a row gameplay that everyone loves.
- Hundreds of hours of fun with 60 levels to beat.
- Get bonuses for every match 4 or 5 move.
- Choose Campaign or Relaxed mode

Match 3 - Winter Wonderland APK reviews

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Briana Wales review Briana Wales
I like this game alot but give me a break, an ad after every single level is just too much...may have to delete..I understand it is free but maybe an ad after every 5 levels...
Betty Dugger review Betty Dugger
Match 3 winter wonderland
Love playing this game I rate it a 5 star
Nickey Hines review Nickey Hines
My new favorite game try it you would like it to
Barbara Bauer review Barbara Bauer
A super way to relax from the cares of the day!!
Marilyn Poole review Marilyn Poole
Match Three Winter Wonderland
Good game
To many adds and have to keep replaying levels to get another to open
Lucy Moore review Lucy Moore
Wonderlànd match three
Match three
Pam Marasti review Pam Marasti
Winter wonderland
Can be challenging but fun
Cherie Roberts review Cherie Roberts
Very difficult to tell when the squares have been cleared, make them more defined.
LadyHawk Tonini review LadyHawk Tonini
OK game
Fun to play, way to many ads! Takes all the fun out of it.
Debby Davis review Debby Davis
I dont understand why you have to keep playing the same level to get enough coins to unlock the next level
brian smith review brian smith
Really fun, has ads though
Maggie Powell review Maggie Powell
Ads are annoying but they have to make money too.
Match 3
I like it but I hate that I have to play the game over and over and over to get enough points to move on to the next puzzle.
Cynthia Floyd review Cynthia Floyd
Match-3 Winter Wonderland
Game is interesting. Hard to see how to clear some boards because of white background.