MarineTraffic ship positions APK

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MarineTraffic ship positions apk, update on 1970-01-01
MarineTraffic displays near real-time positions of ships and yachts worldwide.
Connected to the largest network of AIS receivers, the app covers most major ports and shipping routes.

• View VESSELS ON THE LIVE MAP, search for ships, boats and seaports and see what's near you!
• More than 100,000 VESSELS PER DAY report their positions via MarineTraffic AIS
• View live wind and 48-hour WIND FORECASTS on the map
• ANIMATED PLAYBACK of vessel's track
• PORT ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES live for over 4,000 ports and marinas, current conditions in ports and estimated time of arrival for the boats & ships.
• Manage your list of vessels ("MY FLEET"), shared with all your devices and
• Browse 1,5 MILLION PHOTOS of ships, harbors and lighthouses
and much more!

➜ NEW! Identify vessels around you at a glance with the Augmented Reality tool (in-app purchase)
Just point your device's camera to the horizon and get all the information you need about the vessels in your area: name, flag, speed, distance from you and a lot more.

Also, for MarineTraffic paying subscribers:

Join the great MarineTraffic community!

** If you're only interested in a specific area, please confirm coverage on before purchasing the app **

MarineTraffic ship positions APK reviews

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Shery Bravo review Shery Bravo
Thanks for the updates, so happy to see it is fixed already!
Steve Guarez review Steve Guarez
Can see where my son is and when he is do home.
Just love it
John Farrer review John Farrer
Great software
I live beside the sea with many ships going by, so this is just perfect to keep track of them.
Mike Hyde review Mike Hyde
Great app. Even when I am nowhere near the sea!
George Bradshaw review George Bradshaw
Marine traffic
Works great. Wind option should go further into the future.
Marvin Figueroa review Marvin Figueroa
Bug issues
Corpus christi area always freezing. Also it doesn't refresh for hours.
Bob Erickson review Bob Erickson
Bob Erickson
Never received the confirmation email sent with the registration process. No way possible to communicate this login issue.
Crian Cormack review Crian Cormack
Fabulous! !
It's brilliant ..that you can find any vessel ..and where they are heading for!
Nikolaos Tsirigos review Nikolaos Tsirigos
Big improvements
Edited: after several updates this app works just fine
Joules Kelvin review Joules Kelvin
What other way to track your car-go?
George Pavlatos review George Pavlatos
Favourite app of all time
Addictive, especially when yacht-watching while on holiday, or tracking expected arrivals to our island house. Highly recommended!
rudi boersma review rudi boersma
Couldn't be without now and it gets better all the time
Michael Goodwin review Michael Goodwin
Marine Traffic
Does what it says on the can. Excellent all.
Gergő Lippai review Gergő Lippai
best marine app out there but could use improvement
first off, for marine geeks and people living next to some water and even slightly interested about what's sailing there, this is a must have app. I regularly check it to see if it's worth going down to Port Amsterdam to see some big iron, or to see who's sailing in the desert where the new Suez canal is. the mapping view could use speed improvement, it is a bit slow on my Nexus 5. I could also live with a very simple, but slightly bigger "fleet" functionality, let's call it "favorites".
Michael Mooney review Michael Mooney
Great Awesome Anything!
Geat game I love looking at vessels pass my house every day.