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Marbel Shopping Time
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Marbel Shopping Time 1.0.3 apk, update on 2017-10-20
A new shopping center has been opened! So many huge stores offers big sale! Cake shop, clothes, book store, even toy store are waiting for a customer. Let's get there at Marbel Baby Shopping Time!

Marbel Baby Shopping Time will give you different shopping experience. Buy all stuffs you need, such as vegetables, fruits, book, toys, fish, and clothes. There are 10 shops you can visit to. At the supermarket, choose stuffs on your shopping list. Supermarket supplies all your daily needs, such as tooth paste, shampoo, milk, or vegetable oil.

You also can buy stationary at the book store. Book store give big sale on some items. Hurry up! Go to the clothing and try some modest dress. Find out your favorite clothes. Don't forget to pay at the cashier. Scan all purchased items at cashier machine and make sure the price is right. You can pay it using cash money or using credit card. Ain't it fun?

So many shops are ready to visit. Make sure you already make your shopping list. Shopping at shopping center must be so much fun. Let's join Marbel Baby Shopping Time!

- There are 10 shops are available:
- supermarket
- book store
- clothing
- meat and fish
- cake shop
- tableware and many more
- More than 20 game characteristics
- More than 100 stuffs
- Two methods of payment
- Cute customers

Marbel Shopping Time APK reviews

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I can not open it and play DO SOMETHING
Taasha Blanc review Taasha Blanc
It worked for me but it is so boring DO NOT INSTALL
Zania Romero review Zania Romero
This game is a really a reapof it's not a fun game do not play it I'm serious πŸ˜’πŸ€’πŸ€’πŸ€’
dont install this its not good
Amia Spencer review Amia Spencer
My games work sorry for the rest of y'all ha ha
Smriti Narayan review Smriti Narayan
Mad game