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MCPE Master Game Minecraft Free: Maps, Mods, Addons, Skin, City.

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Addons for Minecraft (MCPE) description

Multiple map choices for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) to play online. In this application you can download maps for minecraft pe for free and play with your friends! The application presents the following types of maps for mcpe:

Survival map for Minecraft pe is a game mode where you need to survive for as long as possible with limited resources. In the survival map category you will find the following minecraft maps: SkyBlock, SkyWars, BedWars, SkyGrid, Mega SkyBlock, Island In The Sky, GunCraftZE, classic maps for survival, and other mcpe maps.

A small game
Mini game maps for Minecraft PE are often inspired by the mechanics found in other games. Mini game map for minecraft, it is a game created in minecraft (game cheating!). In this app you will find the following: The Droppper, Notchland Entertainment and many more.

The main aim of the parkour map for minecraft pe is to overcome the obstacles with the help of jumps. This Minecraft map type is especially fun to play with your friends online. In the parkour map category you will find the following maps for mcpe: Sonic the Hedgehog, Spiral Parkour, The Floor Is Lava, The White, Pakour Paradise and others for parkour.

Adventure map for minecraft pe is a map where you need to follow the story and be able to complete quests. There are many types of adventure maps, the most popular of which are presented here: Castle Adventure, Hospital (Horror!), The Prison Break Map, Apocalyptic Mechanics, Granny and other maps to adventure.

Creative maps for minecraft pe are created mainly to show that the possibilities for imagination in Minecraft are endless! In this Minecraft map category you'll find the coolest buildings ever created by the player: Jurassic Craft World, Modern Mansion, The Temple of Notch, Modern Super Mansion, Super Smart Swampy Mansion and others. thing.

Application requires internet connection

To download maps for minecraft pe for free, you need to go to your favorite mcpe map and click the download button. Once downloaded, you can delete the map or launch import directly into Minecraft PE. After starting to import, you have to wait until Minecraft starts, the import will start automatically. After the map has been successfully imported, you can find it in your world list.

Have a nice game!

This is an unofficial application. This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, Trademark, Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectable owners. All Rights Reserved. Follow http://account.mojang.com/document/brand_guferences.

All files provided for download in this application belong to different developers, we (Addons and Mods for Minecraft) in no case require copyright and files of intellectual property, data material and give them the terms of a license free of charge for distribution.

If you think we have violated your intellectual property rights or any other agreement, write us at lordixgames @ gmail, we will immediately take the necessary measures.
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