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This is a popular game played around the world.

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Mancala Ultimate description

This is based on the traditional group of games played in various parts of the world.

To win the game you need to collect more stones than your opponent. Each player has six holes in front of them and a collection hole on their right.

To play the game a player chooses one of the holes in front of them and picks up all the stones inside it. They then deposit one stone in every hole, moving counter-clockwise. Each player skips their opponent's collection hole.

If the last stone is deposited in the player's collection hole, that player gets another turn.

If the last stone is deposited in an empty hole in front of the player, it gets captured along with any stones in the opposite hole and gets deposited in the collection hole.

The game ends when all six of the holes in front of either player are empty. If there are any stones left in front of the other player, they get captured and deposited in the collection hole of that player.
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