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Lottie Dottie's Lullabies
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Lottie Dottie's Lullabies 1.6.5 apk, update on 2018-10-27
Lottie Dottie's Lullabies helps children to relax and fall asleep. With calm songs and slow animations it reduces the thrill and prepares children to sleep with the angels.

+ 11 clips with lullaby songs. Including 1 FREE!
+ Musical clips with calm arrangements and slow animations
+ Bedtime tool for kids
+ Buy once and get access in all Androids devices (smartphone and tablet)
+ Download your favorite videos and let your kids watch anytime. No internet connection needed

Created by Bromélia Filminhos

Published by 01 Digital

Lottie Dottie's Lullabies APK reviews

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Patricia Louzada review Patricia Louzada
Comprei no ipad e a tela apaga na segunda musica podiam corrigir isso
Marco Higa review Marco Higa
Comprei resetei o tablet e perdi o app.
Apos resetar o tablet o app Turma da Galinha pintadinha sumiu e nao tem mais no playstore.
Mely Vigo review Mely Vigo
Galinya pantadinha
Muito gostas e meu baby..
Jéssica Soares Ottoni review Jéssica Soares Ottoni
Bernardo Tessarollo review Bernardo Tessarollo
Cobra pelas musicas...