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The most advanced Ethereum Layer 2 wallet. Fast, secure, and 100x lower fees

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Loopring Wallet: L2 Dex & Defi description

The Loopring wallet is not only a smart contract wallet with superb security but also a DEX that supports Order Book mode; moreover a pathway to integrate DeFi and traditional CeFi products in a trustless mode.

Be your own bank and stay in control with a Loopring wallet!

Harness the power of zkRollups with Loopring L2; trade, transfer assets with Ethereum-level security at 100x lower fees and faster transactions:
Easily move assets between your wallet’s L1 and L2 accounts.
Manage your NFT collections. Send and receive tokens/NFTs quickly; supporting ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-1155.
Trade assets using a simple Swap view;
Unleash advanced trading experiences in Order Book mode.

By leveraging the great DeFi port technology under L2, the Looping wallet provides a one-stop shop solution to integrate the most popular earning products, allowing users to participate without losing control of their own assets in a pure trustless mode.
Buy low or Sell high and enjoy a high yield via Dual Investment
Earn passive income by providing AMM liquidity
Stake ETH to accumulate stable yield via Lido or Rocket Pool

The Loopring Wallet is self-custodial, meaning only you are in control of your assets. It is also managed by a smart contract, allowing for enhanced security features:
Social recovery with Guardians: trusted contacts help you protect and recover your wallet should you ever lose your mobile device. No Secret Recovery Phrases to remember or risk losing.
Cloud recovery: back up your wallet safely and securely to the cloud (iCloud / Google Drive)
Secure your wallet: increase the security by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA)
Lock your wallet: if your mobile device is lost or stolen, instantly lock your wallet until you're back in control.
Daily quotas: set limits for the maximum value of tokens that can be transferred in a 24 hour period.
Whitelist addresses: trusted contacts are exempt from your daily quota limit.

Access additional features designed with quality of life in mind:
Send and receive Red Packets, gifted envelopes containing Ethereum assets.
Bind an ENS to your wallet, making it easier to remember your address.
Sign in daily to earn points that can be used to cover transaction fees.
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