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Looper 2.81 apk, update on 2016-12-19
This is a simple drum machine for beatboxers.
Beatboxers! It is finished! Now you can create music from the loop entries on your phone, the main thing that it was based on the Android OS. You do not need to buy Korg Kaoss Pad 3 =) The application is called Looper, it has the ability to record six tracks in length from 1 to 16 beats, you can also choose the speed of the metronome, you can combine multiple tracks into one. Delete track that you do not like, and in its place, create a new one! Be creative, create, and once more to create! And then let's listen to friends, app can save your creativity in a format mp3. Unlike Korg Kaoss Pad 3, the application is not able to add sound effects, but this is only the first version of the program.
-copy track to another one
-shift (roll) track to make echo or other effects
-record and playback up to 6 tracks, if not sufficient, then drag'n'drop one track to another, they will merge into one
-record from microphone and simultaneous playback of other tracks (only when using a wired headset)
-selecting the number of bits recorded record
-flashing color rate
-saving composition to MP3 file (files folder /sdcard/Looper)

Looper APK reviews

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Sarah Dentremont review Sarah Dentremont
I was EXTREMELY pleased the first few minutes I played it, but I accidentally exited the app, and all of my 6 recordings were gone! And it can only hold 6 recordings.
Michael Smith review Michael Smith
Fun but lacks tools
I can't even delay a sample. So all the loops start simultaneously. Which sucks balls. It would also be nice to have a speed up and slow down feature and multi touch on the volume sliders... it's stupid to only be able to slide one volume at a time.
Danny Lewis review Danny Lewis
It could be better still
I like what is available however it needs more drum options.
Mikhail Villet review Mikhail Villet
So complicated to use
If I could sync all the loops I make perfectly, then this app gets 5 stars. I suppose if you get used to it, it could eventually be useful. However, I don't think it's very user friendly in that respect.
Laurynn Dennis review Laurynn Dennis
pretty good
nice app, does what it's made for. however, the UI isn't great and the metronome is really choppy.
Lucas Lew review Lucas Lew
It's a great app but I can't seem to download the recording any help ?
Adam Wilson review Adam Wilson
Top app
Just what I have been looking for and it'd free. Sweeeeet
Jason Mullis review Jason Mullis
worked good for a bit...,then trying to record longer loops, the app closes after recording
Chris Burgess review Chris Burgess
Just a flashing light that dosent help at all i cant begin to understand how to use it, deleted the app it is rubish
Michael Smith review Michael Smith
Thank you for this app very funny thanks
Very happy. Big thank you from me
Iczxs Castillo review Iczxs Castillo
I've been looking forever for an app just like this. This is so cool. :) But yeah, just like other reviews said, I really hope there would be an update where there's a count off before the recording starts so it wouldn't be hard to sync the other tracks.
TJ Galda review TJ Galda
Closest to voice jam as there is
Basic but fun to use with toddler to goof around.
Andrei Grigoruta review Andrei Grigoruta
Metronome not audible on Nexus 5
Please fix the issue.
Mario Uribe review Mario Uribe
Actually works fine
It took me a while to realize that it starts recording when it recognizes a sound through the speaker of your device, they dont spell things out in lamens terms, so there's a very long learning curve. It needs to be more user friendly, also its to easy to lose all of your work when you close the app it dosent ask to save progress first, I've accidentally erased amazing songs countless times.
Jessal Patel review Jessal Patel
No countdown takes ages
Pressed the first deck to record and I waited 4 mins for it to even start recording the first loop and even the There was no countdown