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Sovat Oung review Sovat Oung
One of the most smart apps I've ever used.
This app is very useful when you have no self-control, always forgetting what to do. This app definitely helps you a lot. :)
Jaspreet Singh review Jaspreet Singh
Loved it
Light weight, beautiful however one important feature is missing about reminders occurring every few hours in a day daily. Pls add the same.
Thomas Pains review Thomas Pains
very good
it really help me a lot to develop many good habbits
Ganesh Khade review Ganesh Khade
Simply awesome.
I love it.
Alex Kaduk review Alex Kaduk
Love app mission. Helpful.
Derek Moring review Derek Moring
Everything I've wanted
Saw this on r/AndroidDev. This is great. I've been wanting to do make an app like this for Android, but this would have blown whatever I wanted to do out of the water! Great app!
He Huang review He Huang
Great! PushUps everyday!
It can remind me to do pushups everyday! Love it!
Rahul Ronaldo review Rahul Ronaldo
Limin Lu review Limin Lu
Best habit tracker
I like the clean and clear interface. I also liked the multiple choice, like I can set a habit 3 times per 7 days. Really helpful at helping me track my habits and analyze how am I doing.
Alan Raczek review Alan Raczek
Great start
Love the app so far. Looks great and already some good features.
Thatianne Santos Xavier Porto review Thatianne Santos Xavier Porto
clean and useful
easy way to work on good habits
tdkl review tdkl
Very nice.
Installed the beta and it's awesome, specially the import from other apps, I was able to move from HabitBull without problems. Only thing somehow missing is a PIN lock and a way to read the habit occurence (3 times per 7 days for example) without needing to edit it. But even without this it's awesome. Thank you very much.
Perfect App out there. Thank you for creating such a wonderful app as an open source, ad free project. Best legacy to live behind, Developer! And I loved how you highlighted Meditation!! Jst a small suggestion: Add the ability to transfer app to sd card. Ppl having Budget Phone's with low memory will be benefited. More giving to society! :)
Iuliia Kirianova review Iuliia Kirianova
THANKS FOR THIS FANTASTIC APP! I love your minimalistic design! Info on the main page doesn't overwhelm you with percentages, "connections" and other distractions. I can easily group and colour code my habits/tasks, and view frequency of all of them on the same page! Awesome job, guys!!! Ps. Could you please-please make this app available in apple app store?
Thanks for providing such a great app. Love it. Wanted to give 5 star but there is crucial need to add a feature for start and end date for the task cum habit so that progress pauses after the task is completed like completed reading a book or done a certain course. Because i had used it as a to do app also as it is a great app for keeping a record. Please add this feature also. Also different alarm times support is also needed because we cannot do a task certainly at the same time for whole week. Great app again.

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