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Logo Quiz 2.0.14 apk, update on 2016-01-09
The most popular and ultimate logo quiz game finally arrives in your country.

The concept is simple: you are given a logo, and have to guess which brand it represents! So how many will you recognize?
Different products, brands, companies, such as car makers, fashion, electronics, airlines, hi-fi, cosmetics, clothing, food, drinks, beers, or even internet brands !

If you like games like 'Icomania', 'Logo Quiz', 'Logomania', 'Guess the word', 'Guess the picture' or 'Guess the emoji" this game is for you !

Only 2% of players have managed to complete the game so far!


Whether you're on a plane, at home, or at work, you'll be able to enjoy this game and test your memory!

- Only 1 rule: find the brand!
- Your country logos!
- No registration
- Play off-line


Hundreds of logos available!
Brands are added regularly, and in real time. No need to update in order to continue playing!


Will you be able to find all the brands? Do certain levels seem too easy? Well, don't worry, the following ones won't be :)

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Logo Quiz APK reviews

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Girly Gamer review Girly Gamer
May contain Ebola please watch your self cuz I'm feeling my self gablalalalala hit the quan hit the quan I said get down low and measure the grass measure the grass and make sure that it is ONLY 5 inches from the ground! Oh and one more thing, I just found out that I had a belly button. It's my belly button my belly belly button I won't pretend that its nothing cuz my belly belly buttons really really something something's I wanna show to you! Oh you should call me a seal cuz I'm going full naful!
Chani Klein review Chani Klein
Pretty fun
OK but I have a request. Maybe u could write on top if it's a car brand or whatever cause there is really weird stuff that I have no idea and I can't really play it now
Lia-Carol Bradley review Lia-Carol Bradley
Its an okay game i mean its a bit lagey so they could fix that and maybe let you choose the levels instead of having to do it one by one and the hints need to be a lower price. its a good game if your bored or if you like quizzes i give it 2 stars!
Tina Phillips review Tina Phillips
Glad It Was A Free App.
Could have been alot of fun. If you get stuck on a level it's game over. Too hard to get clues unless you want to pay for coins. Very disappointing.
Nthabiseng Letswale review Nthabiseng Letswale
Could be better
Really liked it but the cost of clues is too high, I hate it when I get stuck with insufficient coins because then there is no way out meaning either uninstalling or erasing data.... Extremely annoying!!!!!!
Susan sue review Susan sue
The cost of hints is way too high and it would be better if you could skip without paying.. I really wouldn't recommend the game until these things are changed!!
Orla Mcilroy review Orla Mcilroy
It is great but you have to pay to skip level and the hints are very dear and a lot of the logos are american so people from Ireland or England dont know what the logos are. So pretty much it is crap but i would recommand see it say it.That app is very good
Gene Guzzo review Gene Guzzo
Be prepared to pay in order to skip a puzzle. Uninstalling for this reason. I'm not spending money just because I can't figure it out. Should be able to skip a puzzle if you can't do it. So ******* stupid.
Maryellen Johnston review Maryellen Johnston
I've only been playing for less than 5 mins and it has asked me to rate it 3 times! So, here goes! Clue system is bad. You get very few coins per answer. This game wants you to have to buy coins.
Till Ulen review Till Ulen
Gameplay is engineered for profit, not for fun. The app requires too many unnecessary permissions and seems to lock up when the permissions are not granted. The non-standard keyboard is tedious to use.
Sofia Marie review Sofia Marie
This is quite a good app, but it gets quite annoying when you are stuck on one of the logo's and you want to skip it but you cant!! You have to pay money if you want to skip the level - very annoying??overall it is a great app that is ready for you to play any time.
Sarah Randall review Sarah Randall
Cost of hints too high and doesnt let you skip and go back to missed ones. Not the best logo game
Fung SweeSen review Fung SweeSen
Most of them I don't know but then it's not that hard when you like know it very goodly. But actually I think it's better I'd give u four more stars if u have more
Crystal Anderson review Crystal Anderson
Its a fun game. Although it can be frustrating if you don't know your logos, it is also addicting because you want to get to the next level. It is also helpful because of the letters it provides. Still, a fun game it is
Brad Yohnka review Brad Yohnka
I like the game but it's a little frustrating that you can't skip when you get stumped without spending real money.