Locker Master- DIY Lock Screen APK

Locker Master- DIY Lock Screen
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Locker Master- DIY Lock Screen 2.25 apk, update on 2017-03-08
★Big thanks to Captain Jack Sparrow for design cool video uploaded to YouTube for Locker Master global fans.

Easily design your own custom lock screen with Locker Master's DIY editor. Upload and share your creations with a global community of users. Browse and download beautiful, inspirational, and clever lock screen themes from around the world!

1. DIY Editor: A simple but powerful DIY editor that allows you to quickly create personalized, beautiful, and even complex lock screen themes;
2. Tons of Options: An extensive selection of clock designs, decorations, sprites and props that you can easily mix and match to your heart's desire;
3. Unique Locks: A large variety of unique and clever unlocking methods to choose from beyond simple swipe gestures and password patterns;
4. Share and Download: A huge worldwide community of users creating, sharing, and enjoying creative lock screen themes all available for download;
5. Able to show unread SMS messages and missed calls on locker screen;
6. Supports 2k+ high-resolution live wallpapers and themes!
7. Able to display third party app notification on locker screen (include Google +, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat etc.)

If you cannot unlock, try the urgent unlock mode:Volume +,-,+,-.
After the 4 step you can unlock your phone, and go to locker master, change another theme and apply.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us;)
E-mail: [email protected]


Thank you!

Locker Master is available in following languages: English, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Latin America), Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, French, Turkish and Hungarian.

Locker Master- DIY Lock Screen APK reviews

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Taetae review Taetae
Best Screenlock ever! I tried every screen lock there is but this is really the best. I love how it isnt easy to customize but it still gives amazing results. Just one problem tho. When i optimized the phone, the app also get canceled. Would it be possible to prevent this? Because when it happens, i need to turn the app back on which is really tiresome.
cierra williams review cierra williams
I used this app for years with no problem. This makes my phone look so nice I get compliments everywhere I go but since the update I can't even customize the way I want because it force closes in the middle of what I'm doing and loses all the progress. I love the app for the custom options but that force close bug needs to be fixed to be a 5 star app again. I shouldn't have to wonder if my lock screen is working or not if it force closes and I have reopen it everytime.
Nik Haile review Nik Haile
I've been using this app for a few months. I haven't been using many of its extra features. Occasionally there's a little ad with a "recommended wallpaper" that makes the upper left of the screen unusuable until you click it or ignore it for 5 minutes, so good luck if your unlock pattern is under it. Today it updated and now there's a big ad in the middle of the unlock screen. I just want to unlock my phone. Uninstalling.
Ana Medusa review Ana Medusa
Probably the best locker for customization. It is not displaying the music player in the locker though which is a problem for me. (I enabled all notifications and there is no change). I was playing around with the decorations and I couldn't remove them after trying them out, they just kept adding over each other as I tried different decorations, so please add a "remove" option for all decorations in case you wanna start over.
Zac Carsten review Zac Carsten
There were already ads in the app when customizing why the hell did you add them to the lock screens? And there is no way to remove them, this is bullshit. I'm finding another lock screen app because if I accidentally click on one of the pop-up ads again, I'm going to go ballistic. I just want into my phone but no, you had to make it so there's a giant square frame over my lock screen buttons.
Azha F review Azha F
It has been 2 YEARS! Really like it. But I have problem when I want to upload my own lock. I STILL have wait for almost half hour to upload my lock but it failed. When I checked the internet connection, it is okay. Is there any problem for Asus Zenfone 6? I've been using this app for 2015 and the problem won't fixed until now...
Maanas Shrivastava review Maanas Shrivastava
Restart error !
When i restart my Asus Zenfone 5, the app stop doing work and even didn't open at that time, then i had to reinstall it. Give me a solution for it !
Brian Nalupa review Brian Nalupa
Loved it! I really did but...
The app's idea and features were executed flawlessly and greatly. I would just like to suggest adding a "fading" transition (or any other transitions) when you unlock and exit the lock screen, and adding an option to add a custom unlock sound. I would really love your team more after you add this feature. Great job!
Annie Scott review Annie Scott
Lock Master
Easy too use,if you have a problem with unlocking, the app will show You how to quick unlock,and they have so many themes, you can customize all lock screens the way you want,it's 5,an more
Rebecca Barnes review Rebecca Barnes
Ok but the ads!!
There are soooo many ads! A few times a day i get a little guy on th left telling about a new lock screen and often when i get a txt it has a symbol advertising jets fitness or anothr app. Pretty ridiculous i've only had it on my phone for 3 days and can't handle it
niqi Black review niqi Black
still a great app but...
it still needs a search button. and the categories need to be more specific. there are so many minions, deadpool, batman, avengers, superman, my little pony, black butler, fairy tail, one piece, Pokémon, attack on titan, and adventure time that they can all have their own special category.
Nikki Frye review Nikki Frye
Lots of amazing ways to customize!
I just wish there were alot more lock components to choose from that require an actual code or pattern to unlock. I downloaded this app to keep my phone and personal info secure, but was kinda disappointed that there are endless theme and background options, but very few LOCK options that are actual locks, not swipes or taps.
PlasmaHawk review PlasmaHawk
Pretty good
Awesome customization. Promotes creativity. However when waking the lock screen is slow to respond, meaning that it often takes 3 or 4 attempts to input your password. Also for some reason there are no notification sounds (exclusively notifications, the ringtone still works) when the phone is sleeping. Probably the best I've found though.
DoveLoves AJ review DoveLoves AJ
Just downloaded Locker Master DIY. Was pretty cool, until I created my own lock screen and set it. Since then, I wasn't able to remember my lock combination. I couldn't access my setting or anything. Couldn't even turn off the phone. I honestly don't know if it had something to do with my lock screen theme and the way I made or if it was the app itself, but I am incredibly dissatisfied.
Kara Danvers review Kara Danvers
I have literally tried all the lockscreen app that you can find in google play and imho all of them are so boring, full of ads, lag and would most likely crash. But this app, it has originality and I like how I can design my own lockscreen. This is so awesome, I'm just so happy I found this. This made my day. Thank you so much to whoever made this. I'd rate this 10 stars if possible.