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About this product

This app can display notes on the lock screen. It is useful for shopping lists.

Lock Screen Notepad description

Use Lock Screen Notepad as a shopping list, a list of things to take with you, a recipe for cooking, etc.

Lock Screen Notepad can be displayed on the lock screen, so there is no need to unlock the device.
Even when you are wearing a mask and facial recognition is not available, or when you are wearing gloves and fingerprint recognition is not available, just turn on your phone screen to see your notes!

Lock Screen Notepad is useful for people who use note-taking apps but have trouble unlocking and checking them.

Please note the following
・When you set a note with Lock Screen Notepad, the wallpaper of your phone will be overwritten.
Although there is a function to restore the wallpaper, it will be the default wallpaper of the device.
Therefore, please use this application only if you are prepared to have your lock screen and home screen images changed.

・Some devices have a setting that changes the lock screen every time.
In such cases, the image may not appear on the lock screen.
If this happens, please change the lock screen setting of your phone yourself.

・If you set a note on the lock screen, please do not write any information that you do not want others to see.
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