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A simple way to earn huge rewards every time you pay. New users earn a free meal

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Liven - Eat, Pay & Earn food description

Get rich or dine trying with Liven, a simple way to earn huge rewards every time you eat out.
Buy Now, Eat More later to grab up to 30~100% bonus food in advance with Foodollars or Earn 5~30% loyalty rewards back every time you pay your bill.

Join over 700,00 foodies who pay at over 1,000 restaurants, cafes and bars in Sydney, Melbourne, and now Brisbane, including fan favourites Din Tai Fung, Gelato Messina, CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice, NeNe Chicken, Roll'd, MoVida, Maha and China Bar, Gotcha who all accept LivenPay.

★★★★★ ”BEST APP EVER - makes it easy to pay and feels good to get something back!” - Leah Schirmer

★★★★★ “So many places accept Liven, much more than you think, I really love Liven!" - Louis Dangar

★★★★★ "Excellent app and has helped me save a significant amount of money on my meals =D" - Michael Ho

- Download the Liven app to browse amazing restaurants nearby
- Filter restaurants by location, cuisine, preferences and more
- Order your meal in-store just like you normally would
- Pay for your meal with Liven when you're ready (via credit card or GooglePay)
- Earn amazing rewards (LVN) every time you pay with Liven.
- If you like the restaurant then buy their Foodollars in advance to lock in even bigger bonuses to feast through the years ahead.

- Save for a splurge
- Spend it at ANY Liven restaurant
- Send it to friends instantly

As a new user get rewarded with 100% of your bill back in LVN when you pay for your first transaction. It's simple, all you have to do is pay for a meal and you get a free meal, the choice of cuisine is all yours! (Please see t&c's for details)

Browse over a thousand of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth’s best restaurants, bars and cafés handpicked and curated just for you by occasion, cuisine, location, or popularity.

Buy now, eat more later with bonus food and perks. Show your support to your favourite places and get rewarded instantly with up to DOUBLE the amount of food. We’ve also got your back, so even if you take years to eat through it all, we guarantee that your contribution is protected. There’s no expiry so go nuts with your future social calendar, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, gifts or even hoarding up as part of your apocalypse plan. You do have a plan right?

Make instant payments at the till with your phone! Anytime of day, breakfast, lunch or dinner, start a new Liven ritual by tapping 'pay now' at the counter and the staff will know what to do - no need to worry about AMEX rates or secret surcharges or getting your card skimmed. You don’t think about paying the Uber driver when you get out of the car, Liven is like that but for everywhere you eat, bills are paid WITHOUT QR codes or tapping the eftpos terminal. It’s magic … or magnets .. one of those.

Get paid out up to 30% of your total spend! Whether you're feeling like a quick pickup meal, order takeout, dining in or just grabbing a coffee, you can easily score $30 when grabbing the bill.

LVN earned goes into the Liven Wallet, where it can be saved up for a rainy day, spent anywhere on Liven.

Share any LVN earned to friends or colleagues with instant peer-to-peer transfer. Use this to send a gift, split a bill, settle a debt, or just to be nice. Just type in their LivenPay @handle, and hit send.

Trying out a new payment method can be daunting, so to help everyone get started, we're always offering goodies, freebies, promos, and giveaways. Check out our Facebook page, Instagram feed, or look for posters at venues to see if you can get lucky with a free meal at one of our favourite restaurants!

Download Liven today and give your stomach & wallet what they deserve.

Got questions, feedback, or just want to chat? Help us make Liven better and drop us a line at [email protected]
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