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Live Coloring 2.0.2 apk, update on 2018-07-11
Congratulations on your discovery of these coloring pages!
You probably already guessed that they are unusual. You're right, they are magical. Characters on them come to life and look the way they were imagined and colored by your child. Out of millions of apps, you've found the best! Awesome!

We could say that we've transformed these coloring pages into magic by using the innovative technology of augmented reality. But it actually does not matter what technology was used. The important thing is that we have created these coloring pages for you, your children and grandchildren with great love. We tried very hard and put our heart and soul into them, which is why they are so magical!

Here's what you need to do, it's very simple:
1. Do not say a word to the child! Download this application without them seeing you.
2. Choose the coloring pages you think the child would like. And print them on regular printer:
directly from the app
or from the site
3. Have your child color them any way he/she wants. Warn them that you now possess magical powers and will be able to animate their creation. Ask them to prepare for some magic!
4. Launch the app and point the camera at the coloring page. Voila, the magic begins!

Of course it would be better if you first check everything yourself and animate a couple of characters. If something is not clear, read the tips in the app. Just email us if something does not work. We will do our best to help.

And remember! You have a great magic power in your hands now. With it, you can not only animate characters, created by your children and grandchildren, but also entertain the whole family.

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For additional assistance, please contact us at [email protected]

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Live Coloring APK reviews

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Bhavna Patil review Bhavna Patil
Amazing and its working
Thanks live colouring team for solving my issue. App is working amazingly. Waiting to take home and play with all kids around me.
Suganya T review Suganya T
It's very brilliant app which is fun and also creative. Love it. If there is video options to record, it would be too nice..
Sara Sanchez review Sara Sanchez
I tried it out first to see if it works and I love it!! Can't wait for my 5 year old to see his coloring pages come alive!
Uma Devi review Uma Devi
Nice app
Works as per the demo video seen here. My 2.5 yrs old kid really amazed seeing the characters come alive
Wild Fire review Wild Fire
OMG this is so amazing !!! My little one loves this and so do I :) xxx Everyone with kids should download this - Can't wait for more pictures xxx
aina eleni coronel review aina eleni coronel
Awesome app!
Everything's great! Thanks for fixing the bug.
Alejandro Nadie review Alejandro Nadie
Very cool!
It's a window to a magical world!
Иван Стојменовић review Иван Стојменовић
Doesn't work. Image is blurry and not focusing, tried on two mobile phones. App is not loading when is entering in subgroup (croc and lion per example) so i guess that is the issue.
Riska Isnamawati review Riska Isnamawati
Why this app not work in my phone? Camera is blur, so its cant detect the picture. Pls help
androsua review androsua
Камера не фокусируется. Та же ерунда у всех знакомых с андроидами. Чувствуется, что под айфон разрабатывается в первую очередь, т.к. там нормально всё. Пока 1. Но идея отличная.
Download the 4d animated always failed at 50-92%
anggia putri review anggia putri
great app kalo kata anakku " bunda kk suka main ini " love it much..
Fanny Yuwono review Fanny Yuwono
My son like it very much. It works on my hp.
MsIrene D review MsIrene D
Help! Once the coloring went out of the frame, the app fails to detect the colored picture! How do I resolve this issue since I bought the coloring book legally instead of download it for free, so I do not have new fresh copy to redo. My kid is sad because our coloring effort did not come alive. Also, How do I make the characters face me?
Roee Litman review Roee Litman
I have a Nexus 5X the camera is flipped upside down and left right. Reinstalling did not solve the problem.