Little Ear Doctor APK

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Little Ear Doctor 1.0.8 apk, update on 2017-04-17
Why those people look so miserable? Hum, they feel uncomfortable with their ears.

How about turn into a powerful ear doctor to cure their ears?

Don’t hesitate anymore! Let’s do it now!

Little Ear Doctor APK reviews

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galaxy Kat review galaxy Kat
If you are going to download this game please be prepared for disappointment. The pictures are click bait and the quality is terrible. The mini-games are easy and are made as if they were made for a 2 year old and the noises to the animals dont match up. Also to add the cat noise sound extremely sexual. And there are way to many adds.
Heather Krebs review Heather Krebs
The game that I downloaded is not what is shown in the pictures. Completely different game. I uninstalled, and then installed again, same thing. They wanted me to blow dry a girls hair. Ruff! I thought this was a denist game.
Brooke Penwell review Brooke Penwell
Dont get this game its a lie ok. The animation is way different in the pictures. Uts click bait
Josh Lillington review Josh Lillington
The game is OK but there is just too many adds. The adds don't really annoy me because when there playing I will just smoke my vaper pen until it's over. Here's a message for the people that made that made the game GET VID OF THE ADDS please.
jeffrey bird review jeffrey bird
WAY TO MANY ADS! If you tap anything an ad pops up.
Cray Keeney review Cray Keeney
Wayyyyy! To much ad's!! 8 poped up before I got to play the first time and then it makes you watch a video to go to the next level, need a lot of patience to play any of this developers games they're all the same
Gaming Kat'z review Gaming Kat'z
LOVE IT People who don't like it what are you thinking it's the BEST undlined to the top to the bottom of the GLAXY BEST you guys are just bored so no reason to say it's boring so PLZ DOWNLOAD NOW!
Rachael Terry review Rachael Terry
Way to many freaking adds can't get through one patient without having five or more adds.
A Google user review A Google user
I hate this game because of many ads .It does not let me to play
krista bernard review krista bernard
Horrible way to many ads, therefore it's not enjoying whatsoever
A Google user review A Google user
It was terrible. I county get past the him screen! I didn't do anything!!!
Heather Reichert review Heather Reichert
I think it is really cool but some times when you try picking up the tools it doesn't really work some times but otherwise like i said it is really fun and i think other kids would like it to
A Google user review A Google user
It's OK but not the best game ever
Landon BRUHH review Landon BRUHH
O my God way too many ads
Andre Mischel review Andre Mischel
Too many ads. Most of the game is clicking out of ads.