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A compact version encompassing all the functionalities for facebook users

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Fb lite and messenger in Lite for fb is a compact android version for fb. It has all the functionalities and is capable of running in almost all devices.Lite for fb encompasses both fb lite and messenger to connect to your friends worldwide. Fb lite is totally free and highly optimized to run on almost any device. Use facebook lite and messenger with this app and enjoy all the features of the app.
Best fb lite app with top rating on playstore.
Fb lite and messenger have following features-

you can send friend requests to your friends
Fb lite allows you to follow any person you like
With fb lite, you get notifications related to your post,like or comment.
Allows you to check the status of your friends whether they are online or not
Allows you to share your favourite post
Allows you to create or join any group

This app is designed in such a way that it can run even with devices with weak configurations and resources. This app uses less resources of your device like ram, battery etc. Through this app, you can surf facebook, like and watch videos,posts,comments etc.
Works well on all 2g,3g,4g networks.
Fb lite in lite for fb takes very less memory less than 3mb.
Has simple web layout to save battery and enhance performance
User is able to download photos and videos easily
In fb lite, we have added a slider to navigate through the app with ease

In coming versions:

Dark mode will be added.
Allow users to change languages.
Offline mode will be added.
UI enhancement will be done.

This app is NOT affiliated with Facebook in anyway. It is a third party app for facebook. It does not share your details and your confidentiality of data will not be compromised. It is a third party application designed for user who wants to use facebook and messenger with devices having low configuration
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