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a shortened compact version with complete functions for facebook users.

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Lite for Facebook lite description

✽ Lite for Facebook lite is a shortened version for FB Lite. It only includes the features really needed for the user. This is not too colorful or not complex to use, minimalist user interface for a perfect experience.

✽ This is precisely the minimalist design, suitable for devices with weak configuration, but you can still keep stay in touch with your friends every time, every where, surf Facebook, chat, send image with friends and relatives.

✽ Works well on all 2G / 3G / 4G networks

✽ App size is lower than 2MB. Less RAM required and background service is optimized to save your battery.

✽ This lite social app does not require high configuration device and takes up very little space after installation.

✽ When running the application, it's may not require any kind of data (this is achieved when you remove the notifications feature in settings).

✽ Some basic features of the app:

✦ Compatible with Android version 4.0 and up.
✦ surf facebook newsfeed.
✦ Chat with your friends directly on the app.
✦ Notifications.
✦ Search anything you want.
✦ Download Photos or Videos by long tap.
✦ Access your group and page very easy on left menu.
✦ Send Photos, share, like, comment in lite for facebook easily.
✦ ....

✽ Some features in the future:
✦ Video calls
✦ Change themes, Colors, or Fonts
✦ Suggestions from you :))

Enjoy! THANKS.

Disclaimer: This app is NOT affiliated with Facebook in any way. it's a third party app to browse facebook but This Application do not share your Facebook log in details with any third parties. This Application is NOT official Facebook application. It’s only an messenger app that using Browse Facebook.
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