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421 ratings

Lion Locker - ScreenLock & DIY description

Lion Locker, the popular ScreenLock Application, could beautify and DIY the screen, strengthen the feature and make it easy on ScreenLock page.

- Support several kinds of password styles, such as passcode, pattern-password, etc. The Fingerprint unlock is coming soon.
- Offering a variety of wonderful wallpapers, choose the best one for your phone.
- Offering DIY wallpaper by Album for ScreenLock.

★Mobile Privacy Protect - Intruder Selfie
- Snap phone peepers after they enter wrong passwords, catch the one who tries to snoop on your phone.

★Notification Reminder
- Quick access to new messages received in IM apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Line, WeChat and more)
- Private mode is also available, hide preview text.

★Music Control
- Easily control music playback with one-step operations.


☆Weather Forecast
- Checking the weather condition at any time, avoid delaying the plan.
- Including several weather forecasts, such as 24 hours forecast and daily forecast.

☆DIY Screen Lock
-Choose and DIY the wallpapers from the Album.

☆Handy Toolbox
- Flashlight, calculator, JunkClean, BatterySaver, etc.

☆Today Message
-Views Today message in time, including today weather, stock info, calendar info, etc.
-Customized the Stock info, Supporting to add and search Stock by stock code and delete the deprecated Stock.

☆Notification Message
-Views Notification with detail in time. You could delete, view and open Notification.

-Less memory and battery usage, including LIONMOBI product. Optimizing device by Power Clean and Power Battery, never worrying about mobile slowed down and battery drained.

Package is small, fast installation or updates.

►GPS & Wi-Fi status: deliver local weather information
►Run at startup: protect your device immediately after rebooting
►Notification: offer Notification service, you could manage Notification on ScreenLock page, without locking.
►Camera: shortcut to snap photos
►Album: DIY your wallpapers

1. 【Disable】disable your system lock screen in case you have to unlock your phone twice.
2. 【Important】Lion Locker can only support Android 4.0 and above.
3. 【Important】please enable Notification reading to avoid Lion Locker invalid.

This App is 100% FREE amazing and easy ScreenLock. Try it Now and get your Android phone running like new!
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