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A simple program to keep track of the borrowed records from HKPL.

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Caution: As HKPL block the 3rd party app to connect its server again, all function in library assistant it not work right now, we will try to fix it ASAP. in the meantime, please use the official HKPL app or go to HKPL website directly for any enquiry/book renewal action. Thanks for your co-operation.

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Library Assistant is a simple program to keep track of the borrowed records from Hong Kong public library (HKPL) with following features:

- Support multiple account
- List of borrowed book
- One click renew the book
- Book Search (by Author, keywords or, using ISBN by scan the barcode)
- Store book search result
- Copy / Share book details.
- Reserving/Canceling of reservation function
- Notification with different borrowing record status (deadline to return book/book expired
- Write book return date to Google calendar
- Public library information
- This is not an official app

Remarks:Please DO NOT move the app to SD, or it will lose the notifications function.

Any comment/suggestion for this app are welcome
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