LG TV SmartShare-webOS APK

LG TV SmartShare-webOS
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LG TV SmartShare-webOS 1.2.9 apk, update on 2017-10-19
※ “LG TV SmartShare-webOS” offers different service than "SmartShare" that comes pre-iinstalled on your LG Electronics smartphone. In other words, SmartShare has been upgraded to integrate pre-installed Gallery, Music, Video players, all with the same functions.

[Service overview]
LG TV SmartShare-webOS lets you to enjoy video, music or photo on your smartphone from your LG Smart+ TV(webOS).
※ The service is available regardless of whether you have the Tag On sticker (The sticker may not be on some models depending on the release date per country).

[How to use]
1. Connect your smartphone on the same Wi-Fi network as the TV.
2. Select and play the file from the LG TV SmartShare-webOS application.
3. Tab "Share" icon on the top right of image viewer or media player, then select the TV to view the file on to play it on the TV of your choice.

- Both the smartphone and TV must be on the same wireless network.
- Miracast is supported by the smartphone models from LG Electronics only and is available from the LG Smart TV(webOS) application.
- Supported media formats are as following:
■ Image : JPEG, PNG, BMP
■ Music : MP3
■ Video clip
- Video codec : DivX6, XViD(except 3 warp-point GMC), MPEG-4
- Audio codec : MPEG-1 Layer II, MPEG-1 Layer III (MP3), AAC
■ Subtitle : SMI

[Supported device]
- TV : LG webOS models released in 2014
- Smartphone : LG models higher than G2, or Samsung models higher than Galaxy S4

[Contact us]
LG Twin Towers, 20 Yeouido-dong, Youngdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea

LG TV SmartShare-webOS APK reviews

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Viet Thang Ngo review Viet Thang Ngo
Not stable.
Aslam Pasha review Aslam Pasha
Thomas Richards review Thomas Richards
Why can't I stream yo my phone
I can stream from pc or phone to telly but when I want to stream for pc to phone it won't.
Mark Hemming review Mark Hemming
Would be great..if it worked
Can't see my TV.. It's cost a lot of money but none of the smart features work... Maybe cos I'm in China!!??
Vishu Varanasi review Vishu Varanasi
Good video output but bad sound
So I've been watching lots of movies on my tv because of this app. However I've noticed that the audio output is terrible. Anyone else facing the same problem?
Rob Pee review Rob Pee
Not good
Keep disconnecting by itself fixed
Hamed Fuladvand review Hamed Fuladvand
توی آپدیت جدید تمام کلیدها و نوشته ها توی هم هستند.کلاً بهم ریخته شده
Chris Benn review Chris Benn
It's clunky
Needs work.....
Steve Purt review Steve Purt
It works
Does what I need.
mansyur wijaya review mansyur wijaya
Loved it
Loved it. Life is good
JMel Fields review JMel Fields
Lg fail. No streaming. Cmon lg you're better
Can't play google play
trinity Bronner review trinity Bronner
Love it
Pasha K review Pasha K
Very uncomfortable...
madmio M review madmio M
It does what is supposed to do and it's very simple and user friendly.
Gulam Hasan review Gulam Hasan
Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Even though connection is clear and solid it will not recognise devices.