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LG TV Remote 5.4 apk, update on 2016-01-13
This application is compatible only with LG Smart TVs which are released in 2012 or later. If you own a LG Smart TV released in 2011 or before, please use the “LG TV Remote 2011” application.
You can use LG TV Remote after pairing your TV and mobile devices through the same WiFi network.
The Mini TV feature might not be available for certain channels due to provision of contents under copy protection regulations.
[Supported Models]
’12 TV
LM9600, LM9500, LM9400, LM8600, LMG860, LM76XX,
LM67XX, LM66XX, LM64XX, LM6300, LM62XX, LM6100,
LM5900, LS5800, LS57XX, PA6900, PA4700 Series
’13 TV
LA9700, LA9600, LA8800, LA86XX, LA7900, LA74XX,
LA7100, LA69XX, LA6800, LA66XX, LA6500, LA64XX,
LA62XX, LN61XX, LN57XX, LN570B, PH67XX, PH6600,
PN6700, PN5700, PH4700, PN4700 Series
LB57XX, LB58XX, LB49xx,
PB69xx, PB66xx
’14 TV
[Main Features]
- MiniTV : Continuously watching live channels on your mobile device.
* Mini TV feature might not be available to certain smart mobile devices.
* Mini TV feature only supports DTV, ATV, AV/SCART & COMP.
- Hot keys for volume/channel control, input list and channel list.
- Mini Home : Access to premium Content Providers and MyApps service directly .
- Touch Pad : Control LG Smart TV on screen pointer(like magic remote) using touch pad.
- SmartText : Easy text input via smartphone. (Typing will be limited in some environments)
- QuickMemo: Instantly captures TV screen, so you can add comments, drawings, humor.
The below features are supported only in 2013 TV models.
- Unified search: Searching for smart TV contents (like CP and Youtube contents) with keyword
- Smartshare: Media files (listed from Smartshare on TV) are listed on mobile device and executed on TV as being chosen.
- ON NOW: What's on right now that you might enjoy? On Now recommends programs suited to your personal tastes, based upon your pre-selections.

LG TV Remote APK reviews

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Nathan McGuire review Nathan McGuire
Works for me
No problems with operation only thing is is a slight delay with keyboard operation but if u know about it your good.
Jayesh Rane review Jayesh Rane
The app does not Work for new UF850T Model 2015 or any UF model... Please provide update for UF850T please. We need 2015 model Update....
Binoy Debnath review Binoy Debnath
Wish to get mobile tv
Why not introduce a paid version with the mini tv option for non lg mobile customers. Good to have capture feature back.
John Lukitsh review John Lukitsh
Screenshot feature removed
Up until about a week ago, this app has a great feature that would let you take screenshots of the screen. Sadly it was removed. Hopefully it will be added back at a later date, but until then I'm giving this app 1 star. Long term feature support is crucial when considering my next TV. I may be looking elsewhere in the future. [Edit]: They have finally added back screen capture support to the app, so I'm readjusting my score to reflect this.
vishesh chandan review vishesh chandan
One suggestion
It would be good if you add a start and pause button for watching videos
Harish Babu review Harish Babu
Excellent app
Now I can use my mobile as remote as well as 2nd display
shen kao review shen kao
Could be better
If you can please try to screenplay for HDMI inputs.. My set-top box works with HDMI so I cannot screenplay it from this app. It shows that it cannot display with current input mode. Please try to fix it. Thanks..
Richard P review Richard P
The interface is unusable
This was a great app before. After the update, the buttons are scattered all over the screen & even on top of each other. GS II.
anthony king review anthony king
LB6300 2014
Why can't this app connect to my tv? It's the only smart tv I have. Can you make it compatible???
Randal Graham review Randal Graham
Wormed well with my Samsung s5 but will not connect with my Samsung s6 active any help with this? I see the prompt on TV screen but phone can't find tv
Mohan Joshi review Mohan Joshi
Doesn't work
I tried on various phone models but never worked for my LM series LG TV
Juanita Dubose review Juanita Dubose
Works off and on
One day or works great and the next it claims it can't find any devices.
Sun Sarwar review Sun Sarwar
Typing don't work in tv search button
Plz try to add that we type in the mibile app and can search.
A.J. Vaccaro review A.J. Vaccaro
Doesn't have my TV model
My TV is model number LB6300 year: 2014. and before, I was able to connect to my TV but now I can't
swag sweety review swag sweety
The only thing is that I can't change the channel I can only add the volume then take down the volume plz help me