LG Pocket Photo APK

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LG Pocket Photo 3.2.4-release apk, update on 2018-11-26
Print and share your magical moment instantly

Taking the moment and photographing with LG Pocket Photo,
The memories you saved on your smartphone can be printed in classic black and white mode.

If you want special prints,
Decorate with various accessories and icons to create interesting situations

- App function updated –

In case of Bluetooth connection failure on PD221, PD233 model, you should download the update tool for PC from "www.lge.com" and update the firmware.

App is fully reformed for easier use of pocket photo.
Picture decoration functions are reinforced.
Functions are added to decorate picture with various methods such as brush, sticker, etc.

Depending on App support policy, the OS version supported by Pocket Photo app may change.

LG Pocket Photo APK reviews

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Lili Tan review Lili Tan
Love this app and it's easy to use but theme and frames is too less for choice...Please add more designs...
Vivi R review Vivi R
Unfortunately has stopped for galaxy s5. Please fixed it!!!
Kok Hong Chan review Kok Hong Chan
is the so good.thank you poket photo
why i cant download this app? tell me why !
siufan lam review siufan lam
Cant open the app
I cant open the app since last update:(
George Georghiou review George Georghiou
Nadine NH review Nadine NH
Wanna give it 5 but...
This printer is pretty much amazing. The serious issue I am having with this app why I can't give it 5 is that it shows me in the thumbnail that I have all my photos there but when I select the album either only the last couple of photos come up or the few most recent ones. Never can I get all my photos at the same time which sucks because I was using it for my birthday party and if failed
Daniel Lambert review Daniel Lambert
Pocket photo ☺
Very easy to use anywhere!
shannen leong review shannen leong
good device
a great device to print photo instantly from mobile. Most importantly it is inkless! love it so much.
clara yip review clara yip
Force closed all the time
Tried to editd photo but force closed. All the time pls fix it
Greg Mangaliag review Greg Mangaliag
정이안 review 정이안
Nice speed
Isabelle Léonard review Isabelle Léonard
Could do with more frames great app though very happy about it
Gloria De Leon review Gloria De Leon
Great app, but can we get more frames and stickers for my photos.
Elle G. review Elle G.
Great photos, cute frames.