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LG Health 5.40.9 apk, update on 2019-03-05
LG Health tracks your activity levels and provides an interface and related content based on that information, so all types of users can customize the app to fit their own activity levels.

You can see beginner exercise info when exercise is not part of your daily routine. The exercise circle shows the progress to your goal over 24 hours. Tap the circle to see the type of exercises you have done.

You can see advanced exercise info when exercise is part of your daily routine. The exercise circle shows the progress to your goal over 24 hours by type and intensity. Tap the circle to see your weekly exercise trends in a graph. You can also add logs manually.


You can see personalized tips above the exercise circle. Tips are shown according to your lifestyle and exercise patterns.

Manage your fitness activities, track your weight and monitor your diet using LG Smart Watch and Tone Active.

The App supports all LG smartphones and includes Non-LG Android smartphones as well.
Tablets and some mobile devices may not be supported. Some functions may not be available based on regions/service providers/devices. LG Health requires Android OS 4.4 or above. Please note that LG Health is intended for fitness and wellness purposes only and is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.

LG Health APK reviews

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Jack Fox review Jack Fox
Lol all these fatties hating on a legit app
This feature on LG devices is actually very nice, it works correctly for me at least and is very accurate. I actually applaud LG for developing their own fitness software that is local instead of simply downloading another app like iPhones do with Nike Run. Good job LG, all these fatasses just don't like seeing that they take about 1,000 steps a day and burn no more than 50 calories while they pound down their McDonalds. Its funny how everyone becomes a software professional when they don't like an app. ✌
Alison McGuire review Alison McGuire
Works on older, offline Moto X!
Works great on offline (no data plan) Motorola phone I repurposed as pedometer. Tested many walking apps including big names. They won't auto run in background, work in airplane/no data mode, or under count my steps. Grrrrr! Weirdly this LG app works great on a Motorola.
Brian Bergin review Brian Bergin
Junk forced on LG users. Google Fit or Moto Body are far superior. When will LG learn no one wants their junkware? In fact, this is little more than malware because it forces itself on smartwatches without permission. That could be illegal in many places. Everyone should flag this as inappropriate and report it as malware to Google for this reason alone.
Jeffrey, Trimmer review Jeffrey, Trimmer
It used to be a decent app.
I had the previous version before the update in August. Now it doesn't give me the map of my course. I can't see the number of steps I've taken, or the calories I've burned. The older version was a lot better with more information about each walking session. I'm looking for a different app to use now.
Roke Beedell review Roke Beedell
Good app, but although it's rather inaccurate at times it usually sorts itself out.
Christopher White review Christopher White
Used to be great...
I loved this app before the most recent update. now I consistently show no activity between 7am and 12am. I have a very active job and would consistently surpass 12k steps before update. with this large 5 hour gap, I'm lucky to show 8k for the day. my job has become more active, the app is just broke now.
Peter von Diebitsch review Peter von Diebitsch
As s health App it's okay, not particularly accurate and the goals you can set are limited. The only fluids you can record is water and then it pesters you about it. It feels like a me too app that LG felt as though they needed to include. pity really as it should be much better.
Camilla Saari review Camilla Saari
After updating I can't use it at all. It just stops running immediately. I want to use it as reference like the older version but I can't.... Very annoying to be honest. And I have no idea how to be able at least open the app without it stopping right away.
Never regretted updating more than now
Used to work OK, although was never very accurate (off by about 20%). Lost two years of data after updating.
Ilkin Jamalli review Ilkin Jamalli
Trackings are always wiggly!
Because tracking a straight line with high accuracy GPS on is horribly wiggly. Hence the distance measured is hugely exaggerated. Please, please, please fix this so the app doesn't lie.
Elif review Elif
More and smaller widget options
What the hell is 4x2 sized widget? Do I have to waste half tab for this! Until a 2x1 widget is available I'll use s health
The update killed it
It keeps notifying me over and over about my daily goal being achieved. Thanks I get it. I want the original version back!!
Daniel Sarajew review Daniel Sarajew
Waste of time, bogus info that just tricks one into thinking they are healthy
Unusable due to update
The app was recently updated to the point where it became unusable, irresponsive, inaccurate, and even lost functionality previously available.
it would be nice to add the following functions: view statistics for the year. export to GPX format (google fit sucks) or make your web portal with advanced features. Swiming freestyle slow-set correct 10 min=500m. In the track recording mode, auto-pause does not work