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LG Call for Android Wear
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LG Call for Android Wear 3.4.8 apk, update on 2019-03-07
LG Call for android wear is a companion app which is work with LG android wear device. You can enjoy Recent call, Favorite contact and Dial pad from your LG Android Wear device. Make a call on your wrist without pulling out a phone. (Paired with LG G Watch R, LG Watch Urbane)

More about LG Call for android wear:

★ To use: Pair with LG android wear device via Bluetooth. Simply open the Call app or say “open call” on your watch
★ Supports: Android OS 4.3 above
★ Paired with LG G Watch R, LG Watch Urbane (SW update needed for G Watch R)
★ Work as a background without UI menu & Icon

Key Features:
★ All features are only visible on your LG Android Wear device
- RECENT CALL: Shows the list of recent call history & Make a call when touch
- FAVORITE CONTACT: Shows favorite contact & Make a call when touch
- DIAL PAD: Shows dial pad & Make a call when touch.
- Modern & Stylish user interface

LG Call for Android Wear APK reviews

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Marko Varadinovic review Marko Varadinovic
Still doesn't work on 5.1.1 lg g watch
Akhilesh Kulkarni review Akhilesh Kulkarni
Add support to g watch also
It'd be good if you guys add support for G watch also..
Shaun Prince review Shaun Prince
Where is it ?
I installed this app twice on w150(urbane) and still can't find it
Ira Rosenzweig review Ira Rosenzweig
Works perfect. For those who own a Note 4, and complained that it's not working : When using to call from your watch the first time, with the Note 4, one needs to have the Phone And Phone App OPEN. Your Smartphone will ask you if to use this kind of a action ( calling from your LG urban ) with Phone/Skype/Viber etc. Make your choice. And then it will work automatically, from then on.
Flowster1000 review Flowster1000
Doesn't open!
The app doesn't open on the LG g3 phone even though it can download it. It's been like this for a while and the updates haven't solved it yet.
Juan C Ryan review Juan C Ryan
Doesn't work
My LG Urban watch insists in asking to install, when is already installed on my Note 4 &
Juanse Cardozo review Juanse Cardozo
Needs to get better
It works well on my watch, no doubt. Yet I really don't see it useful if I can have a conversation through the watch. If it's only going to iniciate the calls, then just might as well take out my phone out of the pocket and dial. Hope you guys can improe that little thing.
Steven Leung review Steven Leung
Doesn't work on my urbane
Dear developer, please fix it many thanks
Vytautas Šatinskas review Vytautas Šatinskas
Doesn't work on Lg r
Every time asks to install software on the phone.
Adam SwebS review Adam SwebS
Unless you can actually talk on your watch, what's the use. You have to take your phone out.
Martin McNAMARA review Martin McNAMARA
Works now
Jonathan Kingston review Jonathan Kingston
No support for LG watch R
Didn't work at first without upgrade, works quite nicely so far.
Cephalonia Pelagia review Cephalonia Pelagia
Works after update
maxim lichko review maxim lichko
Does not work
LG G watch R + LG G3
Stan Smart review Stan Smart
Doesn't work
Says its installed, shows up on "downloaded apps" but not anywhere on my Motorola phone. Doesn't show on the G watch apps listing either. Does not work