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LG Bluetooth Remote
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LG Bluetooth Remote 1.32 apk, update on 2016-03-10
This application is a Bluetooth remote control integrated launcher application that can control media products, released since 2012, connectible to Bluetooth.

With a smart phone and LG product connected via Bluetooth, "LG Bluetooth Remote" can be used as a traditional remote after a simple connection process.

"LG Bluetooth Remote" automatically searches for the remote control applications available when connecting to a device.

Select the device connected, and you are allowed to download and use the remote application for the product

Compatible products
Mini Audio System
Micro Audio System
Docking Speaker System
Portable Speaker System
AV Receiver System
Sound Bar

-Some models may not be compatible with this app.
(such as non-Bluetooth supported models)

- "LG Bluetooth Remote" may experience operation problems depending on the phone’s performance.

Check before using!
Check for the Bluetooth connection before using.
If the Bluetooth signal is weak, it can cause operation problems.

LG Bluetooth Remote APK reviews

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Daequan Lewis review Daequan Lewis
Does not work if I could I would give 0 stars do not download this app EVER
Mark Bridges review Mark Bridges
Does not connect
Failed to connect to soundbar.
Does not work on my 32lb554a lg
Lonell Slatton review Lonell Slatton
Doesn't work with lg soundbars
Mark King review Mark King
Does not connect
Will not connect to LG Mini shelf system.
Mark Henkel review Mark Henkel
Not Working With LG Soundbar
The soundbar shows up in devices but does not connect. You would think a big company like LG would be able to create an app that works with there own equipment like other manufacturers. If you want to purchase a soundbar and play music from your cell phone/ tablet, go to another manufacturer.
nemutandani pfano review nemutandani pfano
ITs awesome
mike jones review mike jones
Will not pair with galaxy s4, s5, or note3.
John Mckinney review John Mckinney
Failed to pair
Phone pairs but app says no devices. Sucks! HG this is your soundbar.
Josh Fannon review Josh Fannon
Pretty nice
Exellent connection
pete whimster review pete whimster
Useless !
Unable to pair the LG CM3330WDAB(CD Audio player c/w DAB & Bluetooth) with my OnePlus One(OPO) , the reason I bought it. LG's Customer Services could not help and passed me on to Repairs , Repairs could not help and passed me on to Sales , Sales could not help and suggested Customer Services. Hopeless !
Brayant Olguin review Brayant Olguin
Ashok Vyas review Ashok Vyas
Kevin McShane review Kevin McShane
Didn't work
Soundbar comes up on list but failed to connect.