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Lely T4C InHerd - FarmVisit
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Lely T4C InHerd - FarmVisit 1.4.0 apk, update on 2018-08-27
Monitor farm performance.

FarmVisit enables farmers to share key performance indicators with their advisors in order to make more efficient and practical use of their expertise. This is a major step forward in information sharing between dairy farms and their advisors. Advisors do not automatically have access to farmers’ information. Farmers give advisors access to their information after receiving an invitation email from the advisor.

From now on advisors can check farm performances on their mobile device whenever and wherever this is needed. Different graphs show the current situation compared with the results from the last month and the last year. Based on this information it becomes clear what the trends are and where results can be improved. The advisor can store notes in the graphs so that it is easy to check if the situation is improving after the advice has been given.

By using up-to-date information in the areas of milk production, feed efficiency and reproduction, the advisor can help the farmer with achieving his specific individual farm objectives.

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Matt Decker review Matt Decker
Finally a lely app that is free!