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LEGO® Scooby-Doo Haunted Isle
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LEGO® Scooby-Doo Haunted Isle 1.1.2 apk, update on 2017-08-19
Scooby-Doo and The Gang have discovered a hidden treasure map and a mysterious LEGO key that can be built to unlock any door!

Play as Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, or Fred, and help Scooby-Doo find the missing pieces of the LEGO key, recover the lost treasures, unmask the villains, and solve the many mysteries of Haunted Isle.

Who is your favourite character?

Shaggy might be the hungriest, goofiest, most-fearful member of the group, but the bond he shares with Scooby-Doo sees him through thick and thin. He might run at the first sign of danger, but when it comes to helping his friends, he’s always ready to step in!

Fred is the glue that keeps Mystery Inc. together, and his mind is always two or three steps ahead of the monster they’re after. He sees mysteries as a chess match, and nothing makes him happier than planning genius and elaborate traps to catch ghosts, vampires, bogeymen and more!

Brave, beautiful and brainy, Daphne is the most enthusiastic member of Mystery Inc. She never leaves home without her camera and her notebook because someday she wants to be either a famous mystery writer or an investigative journalist.

Velma is the resident smart kid of Mystery Inc. Her hyper-analytical mind deciphers clues almost as fast as she can say “Jinkies!” Although the group tries to stick together, Velma often ends up wandering off by herself, searching for the next clue.

A Great Dane with an even greater appetite, Scooby-Doo reluctantly chases ghosts and ghouls with the rest of Mystery Inc. Although Scooby-Doo is always up for an adventure, he prefers activities that end with an all-you-can-eat buffet. When his friends need him, Scooby-Doo will run to the rescue! His best friend in the whole world is Shaggy, and you can usually find the two of them running away from a monster or snacking on double-decker sandwiches in the back of the Mystery Machine.

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LEGO® Scooby-Doo Haunted Isle APK reviews

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Rolly M review Rolly M
1) the jump button seems to not react as fast as you press it and 2) WTF is up with the last "optional" level!?? Fell through the platform half a dozen times, actually GET to Dracula only to find.....nothing! He doesn't move, he doesn't attack, if you touch him you take damage. There is literally no way to fight him much less beat him. Was excited to see a Lego Scooby Doo, disappointed in the controls AND the optional boss!
Susan Anvin review Susan Anvin
My 5 year old found this on YouTube and loves playing it. He needs some help on some levels but manages the controls better than me. My big complaint is that there appears to be a bug in the current version, where the final game boss is frozen. It's damned near impossible to get up to him, and how heartbreaking it was for my little guy when Mom finally got ahead of the lava and made it to the vampire... To be trapped up there with an unmoving, unkillable boss. We made it to the end of the game and it just... Fails. Hopefully they fix this bug before the kiddo loses interest but that's unlikely
Adam Ish review Adam Ish
It was fun thou you find yourself falling threw platforms you clearly jump on, then there's the last level; REALLY! Dracula don't move, doesn't fight just stands there, and you can't touch him! The game is unbeatable. Lame!!
Drew D review Drew D
I played through to the end. Final boss vampire never activates so I can't fight him. Or leave the area. Frustrating finish. Otherwise a pretty fun game. My kids liked playing and watching me di the harder parts.
Concerned Resident review Concerned Resident
Maybe the reason people think its boring. It's probably because they are boring and lame. I beat the first level without a problem, they didn't because they feel like everything should be easy and they shouldn't have to work hard for anything. The game is challenging and fun if you like a challenge. If your a lame, whinny, expect nothing to be hard, and can't handle a challenge as tough as making toast, then this game isn't for you.
Sarah Randles review Sarah Randles
These other reviewers are jerks! Lol. The game is awesome! And my 4 year old can even play it well! I like it so much, I'm downloading it onto my phone (4 yr old plays it on my old phone) just to see how far I can get lol
Ashley Hoff review Ashley Hoff
I would get to the title page and that was it. It won't let me go further. I have turned my phone off and back on and I have uninstalled it twice and installed it 3 times. Please fix.
Sarah B. review Sarah B.
The game controls are very annoying. The character won't go where you want him to. During the boss fight he keeps getting stuck near the door even though I press the control for him to move forward. Plus the controls on the right hand part of the screen are too close to the controls on the phone, so if your finger moves a but too much other apps are popping open when you don't want them to and the game app is closing. Found the jumping upward on level 2 very awkward. Character didn't want to move forward during the jumps. So your continuous trying to climb and starting over if you miss a jump.
A Google user review A Google user
So, this game is very exciting, but i have problems with defeating the monsters, and after this "update" nothing changed, so next time make new levels! I MEAN, COME ON !! Other than that, game is great.
A Google user review A Google user
It's an disaster game. It doesn't even open on my just stuck all the time.
Tyler Perry review Tyler Perry
This game is stupid because you have to get a part of the key just to get more lives and the bad guys are technically cheating because they have guns I made it to the last level and it was impossible to beat the boss because he puts fire everywhere on the second level the guy keeps shooting you so it took me an hour to get off that stupid level it took me about five days to get of the last level but I suggest that you just play the first level. This was a ripoff it doesn't make sense to wait that long for a stupid freaking game I'm to cool for that dumb game. Another thing that is stupid about the game is the remote controls its confusing because they all look the same they should put the names of what that control does in the buttons. And the thing builds the stuff for you at a scale of 1 to 10 I pick 1 I rather play with realistic legos than the iPad ones don't waste your time on waiting for the game to download its a ripoff
Techno Gamerz review Techno Gamerz
NC and you know what you doing today beautiful lady and her husband to be with u but I can't wait till I see you in the car and my mom said she will be here for me to go to the store and get a chance to get a chance to get a chance to get a chance to get the money for the first time I was just wondering if you want to be a good day at work and I don't know what I
Kamlesh Mohindra review Kamlesh Mohindra
Omg!!! This does not open. It just won't go ahead with the gameplay. Fix this. I tried uninstalling again and again but it just won't budge. I had it earlier and loved it. Please fix this I wanna play again
Kat S review Kat S
It is awsome I love how on the last level (the black night) has two levels the black night and the vampire the whole game is so fun I'm done the whole game still play it all the time but it needs more levels love it so much so it needs MORE LEVELS
Shamaine Gilmore review Shamaine Gilmore
Having watched game play on YouTube my son is addicted peaceful times had by all well done ?