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Legends of 100 Heroes
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Legends of 100 Heroes 1.6.1 apk, update on 2017-03-14
In Legends of 100 Heroes players can explore a whole new world in a story line full of dynamic and colorful battles and participate in numerous game modes against NPCs and other players.

Find your own battle style through various combinations of Heroes and Skills to dominate the PvP Arena modes. Create or join other players in Legion and conquer together in the Crusade.

Recruit a squad of powerful Heroes and face the challenges of countless enemies! This game features intricate RPG mechanics and a truly addictive combat system. Form alliances with your friends and other players to overcome even the hardest battles!

So hurry and join the battle in fantasy world of Legends of 100 Heroes!

Legends of 100 Heroes APK reviews

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T Dajka review T Dajka
Great Game!
Great game. Good graphics. Good idea on the skill system with breaking and slashing. A little confusing with the storyline at the beginning but I think it's starting to make a bit of sense now. Hopefully even more as I continue to play. Overall a well put together game. Worth downloading!
Sean Kassis review Sean Kassis
This Game Kicks Ass! Nuff Said...Im a big fan! You have yourself a loyal player here that's for damn sure! Just Please keep the New Content and Updates coming...i.e. More/New Characters, More Campaign Missions ,etc..
dan ng review dan ng
Not bad been playing for few days .kinda getting bored of combat fight first round second ultimate then super = win win need some more tactics exciting facts . credit go to combat animation one of the reason I am still trying.
Dread Naught review Dread Naught
Great Gameplay!
This is a well rounded game. No forced pay to play and great with tutorial help.
Scooby Thomas review Scooby Thomas
So far im entertained it reminds me alot like kingdom of war
Im having fun
caleb hunger review caleb hunger
Very good game for its style
Good story, great skill based attacks, graphics could be better.
Mark Brillon review Mark Brillon
I'm very skeptic when downloading and trying new games on the Play Store. I came across this game and said... huh! WOW!! I love this game it's exciting, it's entertaining and just a hell of lot of Fun! Awesome stuff... This is what a true game is... Great job guys.
Johnny Subee review Johnny Subee
I have played multiple ARPG's, in my opinion Legend of 100 Hero's is one of the best games out today. The game play, story, graphics, also the variety of hero's available to use. Has kept me playing for over 6 months, I have installed and uninstalled many games. But Legend of 100 Hero's, I have played constant. Thanks, and keep up the great work "SUPER GENIUS". Coming from a Veteran Gamer, who has played video games since Atari. MAHALO
Max Lestage review Max Lestage
Way too many vip 11 heroes it takes spending around $300+ to get up to that. Plus they're really op making arena a joke. Very pay2win game.
Shurashi Si review Shurashi Si
Love it. Crashes after last update
Sane InGuitar review Sane InGuitar
The game is fund, the characters are designed very nice. The gameplay has some depth to it and it overall is a good, solid game
Malik Sudduth review Malik Sudduth
Its okay but i can log in to the server
Mel D review Mel D
It's a good fun game. Try it out
Bradwin Legaspi review Bradwin Legaspi
You are most likely going to be limited to the starting characters for awhile. That said, these starting characters feel great and are designed to display the games mechanics. Growth and customization appears to be on the basic side with differences between characters being the equipment( Stat increases) and allocation of skill points. I was not too happy about the 3d models and 2d backgrounds at first but the use of special effects in addition to these models adds a great feeling to the game.
Andrew Chung review Andrew Chung
Love the game. Have been playing it for about a month but now it says it wont connect to a server? Edit: The issue was fixed in a timely manner. Thanks and will continue to support this game! Edit 1/26/17: it keeps on saying error code-1