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About this product

Learn to speak Swedish. Learn Swedish vocabulary for kids and beginners.

Learn Swedish For Beginners description

Swedish is the official language in Sweden, Åland Islands and Finland and is spoken in 2 more countries as monther tongue by a part of the population.

Our Swedish learning app helps beginners and kids learn vocabulary intuitively through games. Swedish words are all beautifully illustrated. Native pronunciation will help you learn to speak Swedish easily.

If you are planning to travel or work in Sweden, this application will help you quickly and effectively familiarize yourself with the Swedish language.

Main features of "Learn Swedish For Beginners":
★ Learn Swedish alphabet: vowels and connsonants with pronunciation.
★ Learn Swedish vocabulary through eye-catching pictures and native pronunciation. We have 60+ vocabulary topics in the app.
★ Leaderboards: motivate you to complete the lessons. We have daily and lifetime leaderboards.
★ Stickers Collection: hundreds of fun stickers are waiting for you to collect.
★ Funny avatars for showing on the leaderboard.
★ Learn Math: simple counting and calculations for kids.
★ Multi-language support: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Dutch, Swedish, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Hindi, Indonesian, Malay, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Thai, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Greek.

We wish you success and good results in learning Swedish.
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