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About this product

Go to the exciting journey with cat Mike in this indie platformer game!

Leaping Cat description

✨Story Background✨


A young physicist-inventor, a cat named Mike, who for a couple of years tried to achieve success in the subordination and control of time, created his space-time machine.
His project was secret, but it turned out that not only he knew about it, but also the dark-haired cat Axer, who worked for the global police.

The great stress of the machine that Mike was constructing first led to an explosion, a change in the entire atmosphere of Terrasia, the entire universe, the entire multiverse.
But he just thought that he had reached the end of his work and finally completed it by learning to subjugate time. Alas, it is impossible to subdue what is insubordinate.

Terracitiya shattered into pieces.

It didn't take long before Mike, in desperation, realized that he needed to find the remains of the car with all his might and somehow fix the situation..
Adventure is about to begin...

Game Features

✨ 2D Action Game
Challenge yourself with Hardcore difficulty gameplay on 30 hard levels with the boss fight

✨ Retro-inspired Pixel Style Graphics
Render in stunning pixel art style, with charming characters and custom skin collectibles.

✨ Original Music
In game music was specially designed by the team to create the sense of mystery

✨ Stunning platformer gameplay
Help a cute cat to fix the multiverce

⚪Telegram: t.me/+LYgDOZTgoN5jZGJi
🔵e-Mail: [email protected]

💾 Game data is stored on users' devices. Deleting or Reinstalling the app will also remove whole in-game data except purchases (coins amount is not included, even if they were purchased)

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