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League of War: Mercenaries 9.0.20 apk, update on 2018-06-13
League of War: Mercenaries is an exciting war strategy game where you can make choices that have real impact and outcomes. Immerse yourself in this 3D war game to build your base, grow your army, and battle your way to victory.

3D battlefield mixed with a unique tug of war deck-based combat system, giving you an exciting tactical war strategy game that will keep you playing for days! Build a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude to wage war on corporations and nations. Take on hundreds of missions or compete with fellow Mercenaries to claim victory around the globe and enjoy the spoils of war!

In League of War: Mercenaries, players act as mercenaries, taking on military contractors that play out on the battlefield to claim victory around the globe. Upgrade your army with futuristic tech, battle your enemies, and come out on top in this tactical war.


★ Battle your way through stunning 3D content, from your military headquarters to intensely fast-paced combat!
★ 3D war visuals with stunning, visceral combat that plays out in real time

★ Build and strengthen your army with tanks, helicopters, infantries and more.
★ Strategize the units you use to ensure your victory on the battlefield
★ Advanced warfare tech will help you dominate your enemies and rule the planet
★ Strategy and tactics will make your army the strongest

★ Tactical wars have enveloped the world. Battle for control in intense RTS combat!
★ RTS games challenge you to strategically configure and prepare your squad in a variety ways to counter sophisticated enemy units
★ Real time strategy combat challenges you to always stay one step ahead of your enemy

★ Build and upgrade the ultimate military HQ with sophisticated base building tools
★ Defend your base by leveling up your military fortress
★ Building games lovers will really enjoy this fast paced, action packed RTS

★ Armies are upgradeable so you can always utilize new tactics
★ Tanks, aircraft and more are at your disposal as you clash with enemies

★ Upgrade & equip units with a vast array of technology for specific roles to defeat your enemy!
★ Build your army, from tanks to infantry, and put a personal stamp on your mercenaries
★ Mercenaries grow stronger as you gain new tech and tactics

★ Alliances let you bring your military might down on enemies
★ Online multiplayer - Create an Alliance and band together against enemy for powerful rewards!
★ Play with friends! Join your friends for deeper engagements and battle together

★ Defend your base and battle to be the best!
★ Multiplayer war breaks out across the world. Will you come out on top?
★ PVP combat challenges you to earn valuable loot by defeating fellow players in head-to-head battle!

Defense and offense are critical – which strategy will you use to conquer the world?

Battle to conquer the world with advanced warfare tactics and a powerful army of infantry, tanks and helicopters. Combat multiplayer opponents in PVP strategy games, build the ultimate base and lead your team of mercenaries to global domination.

Download League of War: Mercenaries and become King of the mercenaries!

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League of War: Mercenaries APK reviews

Rob Gerken review Rob Gerken
Decent game. At a certain point you realize upgrading is a lost cause because the materials needed require a level of gringing that isn't possible without real money and lots of it. Without real money you will spend a month trying to get 100 gold to try for a 4-6 star troop only to get a 3 star that you used every bit of your resources to build. The balancing makes no sense in battle. Your power can be over 3000 and if the opponent has the right troops he can have a power of 50 and you lose. Don't waste your data.
yogesh chouhan review yogesh chouhan
Fun and addictive game. Only the one with great strategic mind can master this game. It is easy at earlier but become tougher as you grow. There are lots of events and war machines just play, win and collect your rewards :-) ;-)
Joshua Lewis review Joshua Lewis
Every time I try to play it comes up to the decrypting Intel and won't go past that unless it's early morning fix and I'll give better review I really like the game
Robbie Knowles review Robbie Knowles
Kinda hard not to spend money on this game Like most good games got to spend or wait long times for kool things Worth 5 stars
jeans j review jeans j
The worst match making, me on level 8 my opponent at level 20, very bad joke. Uninstalled.
Reese M review Reese M
Waiting now 24 hours for a response from devs. Unable to activate existing account after hardware transfer. Have spent much $$ on game all is lost.... Update **it's now been 72 hours no response from debs....wow Update ** Devs contacted all fixed
Sygon Prime review Sygon Prime
Luv it, one thing though v.i.p should give you second build and more as you rank up so you can upgrade more buildings at once
fredrick brandon review fredrick brandon
Really fun game to play and very addicted but if you ever delete it and start all over again you can't start from where you left off
Mitch Starner review Mitch Starner
The game will not load been waiting for 3 days now they will not fix it
Mr. Nobody review Mr. Nobody
It seems to be a good game. I waited a long time to start the game and still doesn't being.
Vic Finney review Vic Finney
I really enjoy this game, can be difficult at times.
A Google user review A Google user
Game play is a little slow on my phone
Chris Thompson review Chris Thompson
Keeps kicking me off the game
Red Underscore review Red Underscore
Random world of the worlds world war dem wings flapping init! Yoyoyo😢😁😃😢😢😡😂😕😕😬😢😢😢😢😕😢😕😃😢😕😃😕😃😢😁😢😢😢😁😢😢😕😢😕😢😕😢😕😢😢😢😁😴😠😠😴😠😴😠😄😴😠😄😴😕😴😕😴😠😄😠good game to I love it
A Google user review A Google user
Very nice game fun different ways to play
Sean Donnelly review Sean Donnelly
Love it. Can't stop playing.
Kenneth Langley review Kenneth Langley
A solid game with responsive support.
bryan johnson review bryan johnson
Cost too much for nuts and bolts
Edvardas Gribovas review Edvardas Gribovas
Not working properly
Van Soil review Van Soil
The "sales " packages are to high.
darrin sandusky review darrin sandusky
Could use better deals in market. Like a beginner package :)
Mason Lombardo review Mason Lombardo
It is a good strategy game
James Vargas review James Vargas
Level ups are pretty neat and plenty of cash to upgrade
Rodel Alteza review Rodel Alteza
it's a nice war game
Poging Bagsik review Poging Bagsik
Gets me wild while playing. Love it..
Ape- -Man review Ape- -Man
The graphics gameplay everything is brilliant
Manzaro Ayahay review Manzaro Ayahay
A light game that suitable for me
noy owa review noy owa
I am happy to play this game
A Google user review A Google user
Amazing, addictive, can't put it down
arlington brock review arlington brock
fun time waster
Shah kareem review Shah kareem
Excellent strategy game.
Ray Yap review Ray Yap
It's fun and addictive
Singh Sandhu review Singh Sandhu
Great time killer
A Google user review A Google user
One word...Awesome
Mark Alger review Mark Alger
Great games,
Duel Side review Duel Side
It's great
Sindolfo Edrote, III review Sindolfo Edrote, III
Loved it!
Jonathan Matias review Jonathan Matias
Nice game :-)
Rick Green review Rick Green
Good stuff