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Track, manage and monitor the location of any GPS or cellular-enabled device

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You have people, assets and vehicles on the go and need the convenience of LBS View to enable you to track, manage and monitor the location of any GPS or cellular-enabled device. For your diverse workforce, LBS View is also available in Spanish and Portuguese.
When used with a location-based-services platform, LBS View enables you to see where all your assets are located with history breadcrumbs that shows where your assets have travelled. Each time you refresh the mobile screen, you can also see your asset’s last known location. LBS View supports Google Streetview, so you can experience a 360 degree realistic visual image for wherever your assets go.
Use LBS View to display the status for your tracking devices. For vehicle telematics, you can view whatever data your devices report, such as fuel levels, battery-level, trip distance, trip duration, speed, direction and more. The application also supports reverse geo-coding, translating latitude and longitude to location addresses.

To make sure your assets are not straying to undesirable places or areas, use LBS View to view your pre-set geo-fences to see if your assets are situated where you expect them to be.
With LBS View, you have the mobility, convenience and flexibility to go anywhere, at any time, to manage your people, assets and vehicles.
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