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Welcome to Lava - Social Chatting App for meeting new people!

When it comes to online social, what bothers you the most? Privacy leaking? Lack of topics? Social phobia or embarrassment? Tell you what, all these problems can be simply solved by Lava - a chat social app in which you can connect to new people!

Truly get to know someone
Lava will start a call with the one matching your preference. As photos can merely give the first impression, instant video conversation, even a short one, can let you understand whether someone is your cup of tea🍵.

Safe and controlled space
When the call starts you can choose to be hidden behind an AR face mask🎭. In this way you will have a chance to get to know the people without risking unpleasant situations. During the call one of the participants can suggest to remove the masks, but masks can only be removed after the other person agrees to do so.

Stay in touch
If both of you wish to stay in touch📁 after the call, you can choose to become friends and will be able to text, voice or video chat with each other later on.

Wish to know more? Check us out😃:

AI-based Matches: Fast, accurate, and safe matching with global users. If you don’t wanna miss out just keep the conversation going… Otherwise, just skip to the next person.
Authentic Socializing: Afraid of fake users? Fear no more! Authentic verification can make sure you meet people with 100% real profile during chats.
Premium Services: More amazing functions await you, unlock and experience today!
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